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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Take a Nightmare Stroll Down Memory Lane

Thanks, ESPN Classic. First you give us Michigan alumni the Sklar Brothers, and now you decide to show one of the worst moments in Wolverine football history. Yes, this afternoon at 2 pm (EDT), ESPN Classic is showing the 1994 Michigan-Colorado game. You know, the one where Kordell Stewart and Michael Westbrook used all of the clutch play ability they'd ever have on one play.

If you happen to catch the game, notice how the Michigan offense went into a shell with a big lead, how Garry Moeller completely lost control of the game, and how a lucid Keith Jackson's voice showed shock as the Hail Mary play was unfolding by exclaiming, "He's got three people down there..."

Let's hope our TiVos record Days of Our Lives instead.


Brad said...

Ah yes, a true ESPN Classic. One of my other "favorites" is the 2000 Northwestern game, they love to show that one too.

IC said...

"a lucid Keith Jackson..."
those were the days.

Though this play was--and remains--an undeniable soul crusher, it is still pretty amazing to see. Kordell Stewart could fling the ball as far as just about any college QB I've ever seen.

IC said...

Just read the caption. Hilarious, Benny.

Didn't Westbrook also end up in trouble with the law for sucker punching teammate Stephen Davis in a bizarre Washington Redskins photo day debacle?

Anonymous said...

erI couldn't believe it, on Monday they actually showed the 86 UM victory over ND. I was under the impression that ESPND had no knowledge of such occurrences. Must have been some sort of glitch in the system.

Anyway, Kordell Stewart is still a homosexual, despite that amazing play.

Anonymous said...

I still remember watching the Colorado game like it was yesterday. It was so obvious our defense was deficient, and that they were gonna catch it, that I almost wasn't surprised when it happened.

Matt said...

That was my first game to ever see in person. Before then I didn't realize Michigan could lose at home. I was fourteen and found myself unable to make a sound for fear that my aunt would wash out my mouth with soap if I was able to say anything.

Maize n Brew Dave said...

God. I still remember being there for that game. All the energy, all the life, all the happiness, drained from 110,000 people in a split second. It was as if everyone's soul had been involuntarily removed from their bodies all at once.

On the plus side I do remember a single Colorado fan jumping onto the field and promptly getting his ass whipped by a bunch of very angry state troopers.

harry hasselhoff said...

Don't forget Defensive Coordinator Lloyd Carr's fine work in that game. What ever became of that guy?

Papa Steve said...

Without a doubt there is ill will at ESPN. I don't think I have ever seen a quality UM win on classics

Greg said...

Because I am a Penn Stater, I have to view everything through a Penn State lens. That game probably cost PSU the National Championship. Because of a win that they didn't deserve, CU was ranked higher than they should have been when they played Nebraska, and Nebraska's thumping of an overrated team helped them jump Penn State on the same day that Paterno pulled all his starters against Indiana and ended up beating them by only 3 points (the Hoosiers scored 16 points in the final minute or something like that). So that just gave me another reason to hate Michigan!

Aram said...

And for this game, Michigan 94 is perenially included as a historic roster in EA NCAA football games... Probably the only 4-loss squad in the lot.

And to think I passed up going to this game to go to some snot's 8th birthday party. I have no idea what he's up to nowadays... Should've gone to the game with my dad.