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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Run, A&M (no, really, we mean run. This is awful)

Thanks to a reader tip, saw this on Deadspin via Burnt Orange Nation.

Oh...my...God! Aggie, fans, we feel for you. You're going to catch hell for this.

And rightfully so.


Anonymous said...

Save your soul. Don't watch it. The burning...

Anonymous said...

Executive Producer: "The Notorius S.O.B." Coach Fran

BaggyPantsDevil said...

I need counseling now.

Word to your mother.

Doug said...

Actually, this is pretty much exactly what I expect from the likes of TAMU. Still, that doesn't make it any less horrible.

Anonymous said...

The worst part is that this isn't satire. These two brain surgeons are representative of their student body at large.

Hook 'em

jeff said...

Played A&M in 2004 and 2005; had a lot of respect for them. The fans are the most hospitable you'll ever meet. If ever you’re playing at college station, wear your colors and an Aggie will buy you a beer and invite you to sit next to him/her at yell practice. They’ll even genuinely wish your team good luck.

I don’t know where these “rappers” came from, but I have a feeling that they’re wearing Texas Tech shirts underneath.

By the way, as much respect as I have for A&M, I still don’t quite get the point of yell practice

Yost said...

Yell practice, huh? Now that's something we definitely need in A2 so the Big House isn't so quiet.

Actually, I think they have "Down in front!" practice at Michigan.

tyrone butterfingers said...

Good one, Yost. I think they might also have key-jingling practice.

husker 71 said...

Key jingling practice?

Yost said...


Unlike most college stadiums that make noise, if you've never been to the Big House, instead of making noise, a lot of fans jingle their keys during important or "key" plays.

It's sad. Really.

Tom said...

Well, I'm so glad that I got to A&M just in time to not be able to disown that. (Michigan '05, been a grad school Aggie for a month).

I think that I can confirm that those were real Aggies as at the beginning, when he puts the CD in the player, an Aggie ring is clearly visible.

Oh well, i would rather have a couple of enthusiastically crappy fans than some hippies from Austin or a buckeye or something.

husker 71 said...

Really, at Nebraska we just scream until our lungs explode. Is the key thing a Michigan tradition? I can't imagine that being very intimidating. (no offence)

Yost said...


Oh, it's not intimidating, it's pathetic.

I think it started as a way to be "clever" many years ago but unfortunately stayed around.

wealeat said...

As an Aggie, I am sad to have viewed this video, but hey I bet it is funny as hell to you guys. :)

Becky said...

So. Very. Painful.

I pray there is no Michigan equivalent out there. Although, prayers may be wasted as I realize, after watching this, that there is obviously no God.

harry hasselhoff said...

Oh my god, what appears to be an attractive, real life woman reads this blog!?!?

(be cool, harry, be cool....)

Yeah dudes, sweet post. Like, I gotta hit the gym now.

(man she's gonna think I'm trying too hard.. is my fly open? shit..)

paulwesterdawg said...

as funny as the video is....harry hasslehoff's post takes it to a whole other world of comedy.

Becky said...

Thanks, Harry! I'll accept the compliment only because it is shrouded in humor. Plus, I LOVE Hasselhoff.

sallypierre said...

key jingling?

tulane swim team was evacuated to a&m after katrina--my daughter thinks the whole place is a cult.