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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ohio Public Libraries: Perv Central

What in the hell is going on in Ohio public libraries?

First there was Mike Cooper, now a man has been accused of sucking on a woman's toe at a public library near Youngstown after he asked to kiss her feet to see her reaction as part of a sociology project.

A 27 year old woman said the suspect, Joseph Colella, asked to kiss her feet. She said no but, for reasons we can't fathom, finaly agreed when he kept asking. So, he began kissing her foot and then sucked on a toe. She pulled her foot away and the man asked her reaction, to which she replied she was freaked out.

No shit.

Went seaching for Mr. Colella's pic to see if he was sporting a Buckstache and Tosu shirt at his arraignment. So far, no luck. If any of our readers in the Ohio area see a news story with a photo, please send it our way.


Anonymous said...

I can imagine the beatings that guy will take in prison. "What are you in here for?" "Um yea, I sucked a toe at the library. Yea I guess I'll bend over now." Does michigan even have libraries? Never have seen one on any visits to that glory-hole state.

Anonymous said...

I am not positive, but if you do a google search of images there is a pic of a sex offender by the same name.

Anonymous said...


try this and enable alerts - his picture will surface over the next day or so - guaranteed!

Anonymous said...


err, try this i mean


Cool Hand Mike said...

Between Auburn and tOSU, I should've majored in sociology. Goddamn student advisors.

cottoncandy said...

Good to know there are no sex offenders in Michigan. Geesh, now you are crowing that there is crime in Ohio? What's next: publicizing that people in Ohio take shits?

Anon.4 said...

As a librarian I really have no idea what to think of this. I was fine with the sex in the stacks, people sleeping on the floor, the computers with more viruses than Paris Hilton, the annoying patrons researching family history, etc. but this just crosses the line. I hope she washed her feet and does not have any toe fungus.

Cool Hand Mike said...

People in Ohio take shits? Dear God where will it end? Plus you go to a library in Ohio barefooted, your toes will rot off. That's like dragging your tongue across Bourbon Street.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

What's next: publicizing that people in Ohio take shits?

CottonCandy, we already know Buckeye fans shit, in styrofoam coolers no less so there's not much need to publicize that.

Anonymous said...

I question the veracity of this report....
Really, Ohio has public libraries??
Total lie

Anonymous said...

The Ohio Public Libraries are starting to make SoCal seem boring.

Anonymous said...


Sorry no pics.