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Friday, July 07, 2006

"Oh yes, they call him the streak"

What is it with Wimbledon that attracts naked people? Earlier this week, a male streaker dashed across center court during the Maria Sharapova/Some-Other-Chick-Not-As-Hot-As-Her match. And it seems it happens each year at the All-England Club as evidenced by this older picture at right (which was nothing more than a shameful excuse to show a naked woman in this post).

But why are streakers so rare in college football? Orson over at EDSBS recently pointed out the fine handed down to the guy who got all buck naked in Baton Rouge at the 2004 LSU-Oregon State game.

Yet that's the only one I can remember.

So, putting on my best middle-act hack comic voice appearing this week down at the Chuckle Barn, Dexter's number one comedy destination, "What if there were more streakers in college football? I think it might go something like this..."

"Thank you, goodnight! I'll be here all week."


Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

You should put the naked guy in there tripping Howard on the 2 point against State in '90. Or at least blocking the referee on the play.

Anonymous said...

How could you forget the streaker at the '95 UM/OSU game who ran the whole length of the field and then struck the heisman in the endzone?

Yost said...


I was at that game and didn't remember that. Doh!

Good call.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty certain the '95 streaker was an OSU fan. Not only did he jump out of the OSU section, but he was also sporting a buckstache ... which is obviously why the police promptly escorted him from the stadium.

blue2004 said...

It's worth noting in the second picture that it was the '96 Wimbledon final that had a Michigan graduate, Malivai Washington

Anon.4 said...

During my undergrad years there was always at least one person streaking during the football game against our rival. On special occasions there were two streakers during the rivalry game. There are somethings that I-AA can beat the big boys with. Also with smaller student enrollment everyone usually knows the streaker(s).

Anonymous said...

In Ron Dayne's last game at Wisconsin a guy ran the length of the field in the middle of the 4th qtr. Likkered up fans loved it.

Anonymous said...

Great placement...I love where Nudie Man is about to get pierced in the sack with Howard's cleat. (lmao) Classic. :-)

Anonymous said...

I believe the streaker in 1995 was actually an EMU student/alum(?) who did it after his buddies chipped in to pay him some sum of cash for the deed. I think that he had a block "M" on his chest though. If I recall an article written up about it a few weeks later, the judge issued a fine on the guy and then after it was over asked the guy whether the fine was less than what his friends paid him and he said it was far less.

Cool Hand Mike said...

White legs and black socks, what the hell is wrong with him?

Trojan Mike said...

Yeah, I turned on the match to see Sharipova and had to see that....
at least he put a little twist on it and did a cartwheel. Made it more entertaining for the crowd.