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Monday, July 10, 2006

Not So Fast, My Friend

Last week, we put up a post detailing Maurice Clarett's "opportunity" to play "professional" football with something called -- wait for it -- the Eastern Indoor Football League.

Not so fast.

According to a news report out WKBN, Channel 27, in Youngstown, Ohio, it all might be a steaming pile of BS. Turns out the guy behind the 'Mohoning Valley Hitmen,' the team Clarett allegedly was going to sign with, has a checkered past including problems with a recruiting service he ran for high school players in Florida. He was criticized for breaking NCAA rules, and a trespassing charge keeps him from setting foot on any school campus in Pinellas County.


Click here to view the local news story.

(HT: EIEIOFootball.com)


Cool Hand Mike said...

Wait, he might get the Mohoning Valley Hitmen put on probation? That heartless bastard can't stop with just TOSU. P.S. Any way i can make "The Greatest Recruiting Video Ever" my screensaver.

Nicole said...

Ok, me thinks you have soccer on the brain. This post says it's the Eastern whatever whatever SOCCER league. The last post on this says it's a football league.
Which is it?

Yost said...

Oops. Good catch, Nic. Will correct.

You know me, I just love the soccer. Can't talk about it enough.

Anonymous said...

Some writers were so glad to get a Clarett story, and to bash him for whatever it appeared he was trying to do that they failed to check it out. Now they all look stupid!