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Thursday, July 13, 2006

MZone Follow-Up: Brian Cushing

Recently we put up a post about the less than, uh, stellar physique of USC linebacker Brian Cushing.

Well, saw via Deadspin this post on FlashWarner that asks what happened to Cushing with pictures that leave one to speculate a variety of answers.


sallypierre said...

note the headband. aren't you supposed to live as a woman before you go under the knife?



The King said...

I should have posted this on the original thread, but Cushing clearly was using roids and stopped. He's a textbook case.

It must have seemed like a sweet idea back in high school when you were all ripped, dude. PS...enjoy the bitch tits.

trojan mike said...

How hard is it to get back in shape? Is he stuck with the breasts?

Anonymous said...

No he won't be stuck with the man boobies but the roid use definitely shows. He obviously had to stop taking them before the shoulder surgery and then couldn't take them again until he was healed. If he tightens back up in 4 weeks he should be a candidate for testing.

The King said...

That's not true, he's stuck with those. He may be able to tone them up, but roid use, especially at his age, creates muscle mass that your body normally could never sustain. So as long as he's not on them, and this will become more and more evident as he ages, he's going to have extra tissue that normal lifting is not going to be able to firm. For this reason many former roid users elect for surgical procedures to address their manboobs.

Cool Hand Mike said...

I'm gonna warn you all for the last time, LAY OFF OF ELVIRA CUSHING.

P.S.: Nice Rack