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Thursday, July 06, 2006

MSU - Money Spent Uselessly

Say you're a parent of an 18 year old in Michigan. The kid mostly just parties in high school, but he gets his diploma and gets accepted to Michigan State. So in the fall he's off to East Lansing, and your wallet is several thousand dollars lighter. But what are you going to do? He has to go to college, and there are worse places than MSU.

But then he e-mails you a link to a YouTube video of what he's been up to.

So what's the most upsetting thing for our fictional dad? Is it that his hard-earned tuition money is going to waste as his son plays a 12-year old's game? Is it the horrible '80s cop show theme song music being played during the video? Or is it that his son is involved in yet another activity that isn't going to make him any money or aid in his quest to finally kiss a girl?


Anonymous said...

that's no cop show theme...that's double dare!

- mark summers

Beban said...
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Beban said...

Say what you want about MSU, the dodge at 00:16 is downright ridiculous. Matrix-like in it's complexity and grace. I'd buy that guy a beer...Then bang his girlfriend.

ferenc said...

I think a far worse place would be to go to a small liberal arts school that costs $30K a year plus living expenses...and have the EXACT SAME event held on campus every quater.... Oh well, at least I got my degree from an institution that 95% of Americans have never heard of and therefore can't really make fun of said institution. Sorry mom and dad.

The King said...

I'm not going to bash anyone for taking part in useless activities in college. That's what college is for.

What's completely insane about this video is that it's an ad for Michigan State's dodgeball program, which is ostensibly so good that they'll come to your school and teach a clinic so that you can start your own team -- yet the scoreboards visible in the video show very clearly that State was getting blown out of the water in that game. BY GRAND VALLEY STATE.

Papa Steve said...
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Papa Steve said...

Is it just me, or does it look like a bunch of Napoleon Dynamite wannabees out on that court? LOL on the Matrix-like style and grace comment. I love the guys all decked out in their sweatbands and jerseys with their 'game faces' on like they are participating in a serious athletic event. I heard some of them are starting sister leagues for Duck-Duck-Goose and Musical Chairs.

Please Dog, nobody from UM take them up on that challenge. In this case let the 'guantlet' they threw down slide on by.....

MSU Dodgeball said...

Hi, this is the team bureaucrat / paperwork slave for MSU Dodgeball. I saw the attached link and thought I'd stop by.

You're right, the JV players did get their hats handed to them that day. They still made for an easy highlight reel.

As far as the "UM challenge" goes, when people find out about our team the first question is always the same: "When do you guys play Michigan?" We've gotten it from Spartans, from Wolverines, from... Frankly it's gotten irritating over the past couple years. OSU has a team (you know you'd love to hit a Buckeye in the face [without getting arrested, that one time you were @ Columbus doesn't count]), Illinois, Kentucky, Purdue, Notre Dame, etc., but no Michigan. We'd managed to raise the money to get a tournament aired so we decided to put a clip together, post it on YouTube and see what comes of it.

It's a fun game anyone can enjoy and be good at, so where's the harm?

Aleks Bomis
MSU Dodgeball

PS: Grand Valley? Man, the people there are nuts about this. About 200 ppl on their team, about 600 in the stands for their games, and I'm pretty sure they do physical conditioning for this. They take this **** seriously.

harry hasselhoff said...

Aleks - of course GVSU takes this sh*t seriously - what else do they have to do there? Nobody there studies...

Yost said...


No harm at all. Actually, I think it's pretty cool. Benny was a little harsh.

So Michigan is pussing out? Say it isn't so. C'mon, M students. Sack up and get in there!

Aleks, please let us know what comes of the M/MSU Dodgeball Challenge.

MSU Dodgeball said...

Ahahahaha! "of course GVSU takes this sh*t seriously - what else do they have to do there? Nobody there studies..."

I'll quote someone I know from GVSU: "There are three things to do at Grand Valley: Watch fooball, drink beer and play dodgeball." But man, they sure managed to hit the jackpot, they're the biggest student group on campus and they don't have to try and compete with Izzo or Comley. Not that we DO try, but it makes scheduling games a hassle. Priorities in East Lansing are quite clear, not that I'm complaining.

Yost, I'm pretty confident that we'll be seeing a UM team form this year. It's just a matter of getting word out and finding someone that's willing to fill out a couple pieces of paperwork to register with the U. Any bit of publicity helps. "The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about."

College Dodgeball 2006-2007
"If you can dodge CLASS you can DODGE a BALL!"

MSU Dodgeball said...

Speaking of being talked about, thanks to that post the clip has seen close to 900 hits in about 24 hours. Thanks!