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Friday, July 21, 2006

Maybe They Could Split The Ticket

Former Nebraska football coach Tom Osborne won't be eligible as a write-in candidate in Nebraska's November gubernatorial election. Osborne, who was against the write-in campaign, lost in the Republican primary in May. Nebraska law prohibits a loser of a primary to be a write-in candidate, and the state Supreme Court upheld that law when challenged by Osborne supporters.

Unlike Coaches' Poll voters, justices were not swayed by former Cornhusker QB Scott Frost's teary-eyed complaining before the bench.

And in a friend of the (food) court brief, Phil Fulmer wrote, "Coach Osborne is such a great guy, he deserves this post, even if it defies logic. If I could, I'd cast all nine votes in his favor."


Anonymous said...

Maybe he should announce his retirement to get some more votes.

Anonymous said...

The current Republican govenor who won the primary is doing a great job. The only people who didn't see it that way were the blue hair season ticket holders. I don't know what the man is trying to serve, the people or his massive ego. The guy retired to "spend time with his family". It must be tough to realize that they're too much of a pain in ass to spend your time with. Personally if he's looking for a new job I think he should apply for Mr. Roger's old gig.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, LLoyd Carr somehow managed to lose in the primary, the election, and the court case afterward, despite having a massively more talented legal team.