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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Jimmy, We're Your Number One Fans

Every now and then there seems to be a topic here at the MZone that just keeps on giving. First there was the Buckstache. Lately, it's been Notre Dame QB recruit Jimmy Clausen.

Yesterday we showed you his...interesting photo gallery. Today we introduce you to the first confirmed meeting of the Jimmy Clausen Fan Club.

Big hat tip to MZone reader Ed for the pic.

UPDATE: Now it all becomes clear. One of our readers left a YouTube link to a video that explains so much about these guys.


Stratus Blows said...

See below.


Galen said...

Holy shit, it's the second comming of Menudo!!

Anonymous said...

Superstar Jimmy Clausen nearly lost his Senior season for underage drinking until adminstrators remembered that he's actually a 32 year old senior...

...In other news Hair Club For Men found its version of the Victoria Secret Angels

Andy said...


Andy said...


cockengr said...

you guys need to go to youtube and look up the "stop douchebaggery" video, where those guys come from.

Grammar Cop said...

"your", not "you're", in the title.

This kid is getting amazing grief, I suppose for taking the signing day circus to a new level. What will MZone look like if he doesn't win 2 Heismans and 3 national titles in his first year at Notre Dame - that is, if he disappoints?

Cool Hand Mike said...

Paging Richard Smoker.

Yost said...

Nice catch, GC.

Last time I let Benny work w/ text again. Back to the Photoshop machine for him.

Papa Steve said...

Jimmy is trying to seed his career in a boy-band should the whole football thing not work out.

Anonymous said...

They all look gay.

Scott Boswell said...

Is it just me, or do they all look like Lance Bass?