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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Is Garfield a Buckeye?

The comic strip below has now been sent to us twice, with both senders swearing it hasn't been edited or Photoshopped (we of all people know to be leery about that!).

If the creator of the strip is a Tosu grad, then we're just surprised Garfield's thought bubble didn't say, "Fuck Michigan."'

Thanks to LM and a reader-to-be-named-later (since we can't remember who sent it the first time but you know who you are).


Ultracocky unoriginal asshole said...

If I understand correctly, the cartoonist, Jim Davis, has stated that the "Loser" comment refers to Jon for even thinking of using "wolverine" in a love poem to a girl.

Don't flatter yourselves Michigan fans, not every snide remark is aimed at you. Michigan is nowhere near Notre Dame on the jealousy scale.

Jim Davis is a Ball State grad.

(Snort, chuckle, giggle)

Cool Hand Mike said...

Don't worry fellas, I'm sure Odie is pulling for you.

Ben said...

ultracocky is right. Most people are justifiably more jealous of four losing seasons in the last nine years.

What were you MZone guys thinking?

Anonymous said...

Even though u u asshole is an asshole (Really an ND fan? On purpose?!)I have to say that from the first time I saw the strip I took it for what it really was: Garfield thinking Jon was a dumbass for writing a love letter to a girl and having a wolverine be in it.
I seriously doubt that after years and years of writing the strip good 'ol Davis just now outs his dislike for UM. ND,OSU, PSU, MSU, UT, OU, USC, FSU, UF, MIAMI have all had shittier seasons in the past decade than UM's last year (which was their shittiest in 2 decades, faggot domer fan)
Let's be even more realistic: he writes a comic strip for shit's sake. He probably doesn't even know what NCAA football is.