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Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy 4th of July (Which includes the 3rd for us)


Since we have the work day off, we count that as a blog day off as well.

Hope everyone has fun on the 4th. Back Wednesday.


OSU45 said...

A day off work? You penis smugglers don't work. On aserious note I did miss the blog as I spent a few days in the clanker. Franklin county bed and breakfast sucks. I got a few days in the pokey for not paying child support. That bitch can lick my nuts from the backside. Anyone have a copy of outside the lines with santonio on it? I need to send that cum collector a copy of that and tell her to get off the testicles and the nutsac. My 94G's a year is mine.
Anyone see my super sweet 16 with the tool from Michigan that hooks up with the 16 yearold highschool fatty? Man you loosers are dbags in the truest manner. At least A.Dukes got his charges dropped. You bald eagle hunting, chest flat as the back gropping pedofiles can all do us a favor and nueder yourself. Kelly Baraka!!!!!!!
AJ HAWK owns your soul and bangs our wife in the ass un the back of a chevy F150!!!!!
Q: What is Michigan fan's favorite mastabatory technique?
Is it 3 fingers or a whole fist up there?
8=====>~~~ Michigan

Beban said...

Like osu45 said, Happy 4th of July.

Anonymous said...

funny osu45 said "AJ HAWK owns your soul and bangs our wife"

Glad to know that was one of AJ perks. BTW have you seen that picture of him on the site?

Jeremy said...

Haven't seen a Kelly Baraka reset in a while. It would've been nice to see some context, but even as a ridiculous non-sequitur it's still appreciated. This guy's done his homework!

(And boy did the team hurt without Portage's favorite pothead. Our rushing corps sure suffered drastically in 2002-2004.)

the Bluefront said...

How offensive, the f150 is a Ford you dick

jeff said...

What better way to celebrate America than a little ranting and bickering... just like family get-togethers, just like congress, just like the "new" news media.

Oh what a beautiful country this is. Take a moment on this holiday to reflect on all the wonderful freedoms we have... then stuff another weiner in your mouth and run down to big-box-mart in your SUV (that usually only fits one) 'cause your second-rate made-in-taiwan sound system won't impress your friends unless your DVD of NASCAR's best crashes makes your beige-box (house) shake. Oh yeah, and don't forget to charge it.

At least we created college football. THAT we can all be proud of.

michigan_can_lick_m_hairy_nutsack_53 said...

Buckstache strikes again. This time is the scariest of all


Anonymous said...

hey - and check out the R side bar over there.

closing on 1K!

husker 71 said...

Yost, next time you post something on this blog make sure to include this:


It shows you what we in the Big 12 have to put up with.

Anonymous said...

I know this blog has nothing to do with life or liberty, so it must be about the pursuit of happiness.

Yost said...


We'd settle for the pursuit of a September road win at this point.