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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Girls of Tosu

To make up for Benny's Jayson Blair-esque reporting bias against the Buckeyes above, I give you some pix from the upcoming Girls of OSU calendar which is causing controversy in Columbus even before it comes out.

For extra laughs, make sure to check out the local news story on the subject. I especially love how the reporter even calls it "THE Ohio State University." Gee, they all drink the Kool-Aid down there. (Note: this clip is from Carl Monday's station, so you know it's good, hard hitting, important journalism. Also, just see if you can guess which student they interview at the end of the story is opposed to the calendar and thinks it's "degrading to women." Go ahead. Take a wild stab in the dark. If you guessed the overweight, unattractive girl, you win!)

All kidding aside, can you say Blog Co-ed Showdown competitors? Anybody have a link to the calendar or to a MySpace page for any of the models in order to draw up our "Tale of the Tape" for the next BCS contest?

And if the calendar is indeed banned by Tosu (like it seems it's going to be according to the video), in the interest of promoting positive M/Tosu ties, if you know these girls, please inform them we'll be happy to put up their pictures here on our site as the Girls of the MZone.

That's what we do, people, we give.

Thanks to MZone reader Zach for the tip.


Anonymous said...

The one on top is my future ex-wife. Pre-nup here I come!

A Husker fan

Anonymous said...

For the girl on the top, it says "bong" on her left breast, lol. I'm assuming the other breast says "billa" perhaps?

Whatever it says, she's a knockout!

Tom said...

This news report has caused me to ponder a very significant question, "Which is more degrading to women, this calendar or Santonio Holmes?"

Doug said...

Dammit, does this mean I have to have some respect for Tosu now? I'm so confused.

Wait a minute, I live in the Southeast. I don't have to go to fricking Ohio to see hot girls. Screw you [still], Buckeyes!

MaizeAndBlueInValpo said...

I personally don't see what the big deal is about the calendar. It's not like the girls are lying there with their legs spread open using a cucumber for a dildo. Some people need to get a life. I would be more concerned with those twins Ebony and Ivory being named after a Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney song.

Cool Hand Mike said...

For a Michigan site, you show a lot of Ohio St chicks. Though you have excellent taste, what's up?

St. Simons Island Nole said...

First the Tosu video chick and now these hotties?

Reed4AU said...

First off Ebony and Ivory was Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder not Paul and Jacko.

Second fat girl's opinions don't matter unless they're suggesting which buffet to go to. Stupid jealous bitches.

Third any state school could find 12 hotties for a calendar. OSU women couldn't hang with hotties from such schools as ASU, USC, Ole Miss/most SEC schools, FSU, and Texas.

Anonymous said...

We've had our own calendar the past few years here at Penn State, called the Girls of Happy Valley. Maybe we have the makings of a Big Ten calendar contest?

Anonymous said...

When is the UM calender, "Maize & Blue Fat Girls in Sweatshirts and Sweatpants" coming out?

Its nice to see that this generation is just like their mother's when they were in school. I had great selection at TOSU in the 70's and it appears there is no lack of talent now.

I think you can fill out the brackets now.

Erik said...

Here's an Ole Miss Calendar for you yankees. Sorry, No Bikinis (a touch of class) but you get the point.

No butter faces here. This is a sample of Gameday in the grove...

This is Ole Miss:


Anonymous said...

Here's a touch of skank courtesy of the aforementioned girls of happy valley.


Anonymous said...

And so now I know why it's called Happy Valley. If only we were in Utah....

A Husker Fan

Anonymous said...


this sort of we breed better looking people in the SEC sort of comment confuses me.

not like there's a nursery below the cafeteria where these girls are born - they do pre K, ya kow, there on campus - move on to elementary school & so on.

some chicks want to go to school in warm places - everyone knows that. doesn't mean they're 'from there.'

drive through Florida - half the plates are Ohio & Michigan.

The best part - they usually come back....even better than before.

harry hasselhoff said...

They should've put the tOSU video chick in the calendar, though she'd probably have looked best posed near the pool with her face below the waterline, lol.

Seriously though, if they did a hotties calendar at U-M, the year would have only eight months. "Man, that Smarch chick is so hot!"

Nicole said...

One of the Ole Miss girls is named Stribbling White.


Anonymous said...

The veracity of the calendar is suspect becuz we all know there are no hot girls in Columbus...
oh, but wait...
twins named "Ebony and Ivory"?
maybe this really is from the land of the buckstache