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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Doesn't Congress Have Bigger Issues to Worry About?

Today Congress will be voting on a bill to ban using credit cards for online betting transactions and "padlock" gambling Web sites. The bill is expected to "clarify" existing law that it is illegal to gamble online. It also would give law enforcement officials the authority to work with Internet providers to block access to gambling Web sites.

What a crock of shit.

With all the major issues facing our country, yeah, let's make sure to crack down on the guy playing a $5 online poker tournament. And don't forget to throw the book at anyone placing a bet on the Super Bowl.

Look, I'm not a registered member of any political party. I have voted for both Democrats and Republicans over the years. But bills such as this one, championed by conservative groups trying to push their morality on me, frosts my ass.

UPDATE: The bill passed today. Of course they left in exemptions for state lotteries and horse racing. So Congress is concerned that I might lose money on certain types of gambling -- ie those that don't fill their campaign coffers. I see. Thanks for "protecting" me.


eddie, eddie said...

As a fan of tOSU, I do have to give Michigan credit, for your state actually had enough awake voters to try and replace the President in 2004. One of the big outrages is that these same politicians trying to outlaw internet gambling seem to raise a lot of money from other gambling interests.

Anonymous said...

Amen brother! i cant stand this govt pushing its moral views on the country time and time again. Its out of freakin control. It will take 8 years of a new president just to undo all this crap.

Cool Hand Mike said...

Congress wants you to give them your money, not a bookie.

Brad said...

Just had to note this from the original Yahoo story. A quote from egghead John Kindt that recalls the late great Johnnie Cochran:

"You just click the mouse and lose your house."