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Friday, July 07, 2006

Dodgeball Mea Culpa

It was late. I was tired and cranky. We were looking for a good third post and came across the YouTube clip of the Sparty dodgeball team. I thought it was silly and a waste of time thus my post said so.

But then I thought about it, especially after reading some of the comments. What are the things I remember most about college? Well, other than losing some Rose Bowls, I certainly don't remember anything about Linear Algebra or Jung's concept of the collective unconscious. It was the stupid, meaningless times with my friends. Even if they didn't make me any money or help in my quest to kiss a girl.

So I shouldn't have been so harsh on the Sparty dodgeball team. It's actually something I could have seen me and my college buddies getting involved in. And I'm sure we would have been more motivated for it than reading de Tocqueville.

So it's a little mind boggling that no one in Ann Arbor has gotten their shit together to make up a team. Aleks Bomis of the Sparty squad, who posted yesterday as MSU Dodgeball, e-mailed us to let us know that, despite prodding from East Lansing, and even offers to help, no Michigan dodgeball team has formed.

So let's go, Blue. Don't just sit there while Sparty issues us this challenge. Sack up! Illinois, Purdue, Notre Dame and Tosu have all formed teams to play the Spartans, so quit pussing around. I mean, where else can you legally hit a Spartan or Buckeye in the face?

To find out more, contact Aleks at the MSU Dodgeball link here.


Yost said...

Ed Note: 1) I went to college with Benny. I think his quest to kiss a girl is still a work in progress.

2) I couldn't have seen Benny getting involved with a dodgeball team. Ever. Not in this lifetime. Not on this planet.

3) He is at least correct about the Rose Bowl losses.

Becky said...

I'm a little scared of #15 in the back there. He looks like he'd yell "O'Doyle RULES!" before drilling me in the head with a dodgeball.

Yost said...

Yeah, but #22 would be easy pickin's, Beck. So it's a wash.

Anonymous said...

You're dead on with 15 but 22 has some surprisingly good defense. He's improved quite a bit since coming to State (he used to be at another school with a team)

Anon.4 said...

Students in the Big Ten(11) have time for dodgeball? When I was going to school and had to walk ten miles uphill through the snow I did not even have time to eat, let alone take a bath since the water was frozen and the person with the recipe for fire had died in that walking accident. We could not have any of those fancy red onions because of the war. And we had to say dickety because the Kaiser had taken away all of numbers. I am as tall as I ever was. What did you say my name was? I am going to bed.

Becky said...

See, I felt I could definitely take on #8 in the uber-hip sweatband.