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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Clarett to be 'Hitman'

Former Tosu tailback Maurice Clarett, once thought to be a first round draft pick in the NFL, is expected to sign a contract to play for -- wait for it -- the Mahoning Valley Hitmen, one of the four teams in the first-year -- wait for it -- Eastern Indoor Football League. Clarett was expected to sign a contract yesterday.

Hitman coach and GM Jim Terry said, "I've never seen a player this excited at this level of play."

I guess when your other option is doing 8-10 for armed robbery, even the -- wait for it -- Mahoning Valley Hitmen of the EIFL look appealing.

But Terry thinks the Hitmen are a good fit for the troubled ex-Buckeye saying, "He’s a bona fide Division I star, and he’s from Youngstown. If he can’t make it here, he can’t make it anywhere."

Uh...was that a compliment? Gee, thanks, Coach.

Now, before everyone gets too excited about seeing ol' Mo' running from someone besides cops these days, there's one teeny, weeny catch. The Hitmen, which formed in May, only have four -- that's right, FOUR -- players on their roster at this point although they plan to have open tryouts in August (Hmm, I smell MZone staff roadtrip).

Oh, and they also don't know where they are going to play their games yet. But don't sweat the details, says Terry. He says the season will start in January (or February) with no fewer than five teams (but no more than seven).

"The most important thing is that every team that starts the season ends the season," Terry said. "I don’t want this to be like a bowling league with a new guy or new team leaving every year."

Uh, dude, you'd be lucky for this thing to end up on par with a bowling league. Seriously. I mean, weren't the Mahoning Valley Hitmen one of the teams in The Longest Yard? Or maybe it was that Goldie Hawn movie where she was the coach.

But even Terry realizes how some folks (like us) will perceive Clarett's latest athletic endeavor. "A lot of people will say, ‘Look how far he has fallen,’ " Terry said. "I say, ‘What do you want this guy to do? Do you want him to just give up?’ "


And saddest of all: Clarett will probably make less in the EIFL than at TOSU.

Thanks to MZone reader Andrew for the story top.


Sean said...

I wish he would've signed with a GLIFL (Great Lakes Football League) team. There's a team outside of my city that's undefeated and probably going to win it all. I would've loved to be able to heckle him without traveling too far away.

Sean said...

Whoops, I should mention that the I stands for Indoor in the GLIFL. It's a low-rate Arena football league.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying all this hate towards my brother Maurice is racist, but would we be talking about it if my brother was an Eskimo or dare say an Hawaiian pineapple picker.

I think not..

Anonymous said...

But you just did say it's racist. And it isn't.

We hate him because he's a Buckeye, not because he's black.

Reverend AL said...

Pity those who cast doubt upon the great talents of Maurice Clarett. Maurice was easily the greatest talent coming out of college in the last 25 years, from THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY of course.

If it wasn't for that sweater wearing cracker of a coach Maurice would have had two Heismans and a NFL rookie of the year award.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, Anon 7:35, ease up on the accusatory self-rightousness. I think we'd be even more gleeful about MoC's troubles if he was a buckstache and mullet wearing hillbilly, as he would more closely resemble the average tOSU fan here in central ohio.

Anonymous said...


You my lilly white bastard of a clansman are a racist.

P.S. Michigan Sucks

Anonymous said...

Rev AL

I guess next you will be saying is Tawana Brawley was framed. Why is it when a young player gets in trouble its a racist thing?

Why cann't we all get along?

Anonymous said...

We hate him because he's a Buckeye, not because he's black.

There is too much hate in this world. The other poster was right, why can't we all get along?


Anon.4 said...

It does not bother me what the color of someones skin is. If they do stupid things I am going to laugh at them and and not even bother pissing in their mouths if they were dying of thirst in the desert. I do not discrimnate when hate or make of fun people because if I did it would only leave me with less people to make fun of and thus make me feel better about myself.

So anon. 7:35 if that stupid, whiny, criminal is your brother maybe you should help him instead of spending your time accusing other people of being racist. Or at the very least hit over the head with a two by four to knock some sense into him. I am quite sure that the past actions of Maurice have had no bearing on how people think about him since it is all our fault not his.

Yost said...

Anon 7:35am,

If your Eskimo brother was once the one of the best running backs in the country but now is playing for a FOUR MAN football team in something called the Eastern Indoor Football League, you're out of your mind if you think we wouldn't be talking about it.

But nice try trying to make it a racial issue.

Beban said...

Who the hell is Rachel, and why do you guys keep bringing her up when talking about African-Americans? What the hell is a Rachel issue anyway?

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to seeing him back on the field again! In spite of everything he has been through, he refuses to give up. He really is a hero for the little guy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:22 a.m. -- 'inspite of everything he has been through'

Uhh, yeah...I think maybe, MAYBE he PUT himself in his predicaments. It's nothing he has 'been through', it's what he has DONE.

Yost said...

Double True, Anon.

Cool Hand Mike said...

Previous handgun experience a plus, good foot speed( or at least out run police speed)a requirement, and thorough knowledge of current criminal codes a must, sorry no wiggle room on the last one.
Now Mr Clarett, are you sure you want to be a "Hitman"?

Reed4AU said...

Reverend Al, you must be joking if you honestly think he Clarett was the greatest talent in the last 25 years. There are at least 50 who were better, not to mention who weren't stupid enough to show up 20 pounds overweight at their only shot at the NFL.

I don't dislike him because he's black or because he's a former buckeye.

I dislike him because he's a felon. Clarett was indicted by a grand jury on two counts of aggravated robbery with gun specifications and five other counts. Also while at OSU being charged for filing a false police report claiming that more than $10,000 in clothing, CDs, cash and stereo equipment was stolen from a car he borrowed from a local dealership. He later pleaded guilty to a lesser criminal charge in that incident.

He, Marcus Vick, and countless others waste their amazing athletic talents by just being stupid and portraying or trying to portray a gangsta thug like image.

Cool Hand Mike said...

Clarett couldn't lick Bo Jackson's taint. Sorry for crudeness when speaking to a man of the cloth, but that's a joke Rev.

Reed4AU said...

Also the funniest thing about this whole thing isn't that his supposed new team only has 4 players so far. The funniest part is the league only has 3 teams. There are flag football organizations that are better sponsored and organized.

Anonymous said...

It is you, Yost, of all people that should have MoC's back. It was through his actions at THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY that allowed Michigan(SUCKS) to have a snowballs chance in hell of winning a damn football game.

MoC single handedly distracted the team to give Michigan(SUCKS) a shot, and they(Michigan SUCKS)still could not pull it off.

You would think he would get alittle love for the effort.

Yost said...

LOL, Reed.

Anon, in Mo' one and ONLY game against Michigan, all his off the field problems handn't surfaced yet so there were no distractions at that point in time.

But thanks for your comment and the really clever use of the word "sucks."

Anonymous said...

It was the behind the scenes shenanigans, by MoC, in that very game you mentioned the alluded to his greatness.

Without that effort, trying to throw the game for Michigan(SUCKS), he may have washed out and not amounted to anything.

Reverend Al said...


Everything you listed about Maurice was either made up or unsubstantiated. As soon as that cracker of a coach found out Maurice was dating white woman it was all over for a good kid.

Anonymous said...

I get it now!
reverend al is Al Sharpton!
He certainly sounds like a race-baiting professional offence taker.

Reed4AU said...

Everything you listed about Maurice was either made up or unsubstantiated. As soon as that cracker of a coach found out Maurice was dating white woman it was all over for a good kid.

How was it made up? He plead guilty to a lesser charge for the theft fraud. Read that agian, he plead guilty meaninig he admitted it.

On the other more serious matter he was indicted and then plead not guilty before a judge and was released on a $20,000 bond. So how was what I said made up?

I'm not saying he's guilty because I wasn't there, but that doesn't mean i'm sure he's innocent either. Obvioulsy there was enough for an indictment.

Gotta love the quote from his lawyer: saying Clarett "intends to fight this indictment with the same vigor and resolve he displayed in taking OSU to a national championship."

Cool Hand Mike said...

Do you need a Bama fan to point it out to you? Rev is Jim Brown.

Rev AL said...

I'm flattered that you would group me in such fine company as Mr. Sharpton and Mr. Orangeman,Jim Brown.

Back to the issue at hand, in this great country of ours you are innocent until proven guilty.

MoC pled down to a lesser charge because his homeboy lawyer did it behind his back. Mo was furious and had intended to fight this injustice all the way up to the supreme court, but the paperwork had already been filed.

So you see, there was alot more to this case then met the eye.

Reed4AU said...

Your so full of it. He pleaded guilty!! Even if his lawyer made a deal behind his back he still have the choice to say he was not guilty in front of the judge. So there was not more to this case than met the eye.

He was accused of filing a false police report, he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge to get less punishment. It's very cut and dry and happens all the time. If he was guilty of the orginal crime we'll never know.

Although unlikely, having $10,000 in clothing/cds/stereo eqipment in a "borrowed" car might actually be quite common for an OSU player.

husker 71 said...

Yep Clarret is completely innocent. By the way did you guys know that Lawerence Philips was actually just visiting his girlfriend, and that whole "assult and battrey" and "he threw here her down the stairs" thing was just a lie invented by The Man to keep him down.

Rev AL said...

You are correct only in the sense Maurice could have changed his plea to not guilty. Unfortunatly this would have created undue financial burdon upon Maurice and his family, primarily from the fees involved in the paperwork.

Maurice approached his lawyer and suggested that they split the filing fees, but the sleezy sidewinder would have no part of it.

Everytime Maurice called the attorney's office he got the run around, he's not in, he's on the phone, it was a really bad scene.

Yost said...

Gee, thanks "Rev Al" for coming on a Michigan BLOG to clear that up w/ all your inside scoop. Really. Thanks.

Rev AL said...

Gee, thanks "Rev Al"

Your welcome, just trying to do my part.

Reed4AU said...

Undue finacial burden? It's not like it was a $1,000,000 capital muder case(look back here for that in a year or so). The whole thing started when he claimed $10,000 worth of stuff was stolen. If he can afford all that why couldn't afford a few legal fees.

Oh wait I forgot he was the true victim and we should feel sorry for him because an evil lawyer took advantage of him. We should make a monument of him so others who break the law won't be taken advantage of.

Also, if he didn't want to put undue attention and financial burden(which is BS) on his family he shouldn't be such a dumbass and break the law.

Rev AL said...

Are you ignorant or just having fun at my expense?

Do you have any idea how much $$$$ it costs to change or update paperwork?

If you were in my courtroom I'd bounce you right out the door.

Anonymous said...

Good lord O'mighty, this clown is now claiming to be a judge.

Reed4AU said...

What number would I have to say to make you happy? Ok here goes, I honestly believe to file/change his paperwork it would require nothing less than 2/3 of Ohio's budget, the whole state not just the school.

Come on man get real, yeah it's not pocket change for most people. But it's certainly not $20,000 or even $10,000 dollars. It's not like the case dragged on for years and required a team of lawyers. If you do believe that you must be an internet reverend, for $20 I can be ordained too.

Reed4AU said...

And speaking of saying things one might deem ignorant. Here's your finest so far: "Maurice was easily the greatest talent coming out of college in the last 25 years"

Rev AL said...


I have been both gracious and generous with my time, yet you have attacked me with insults and innuendo.

Therefore, I have no recourse but to ban you from the M Zone for a period of no less than three weeks and no more than nine weeks. I'm sure Yost, Bennie, and BaggyPantsDevil will support me on this.

WarEagleInFla said...

maybe he should've been in the remake of The Longest Yard, he wouldn't need to look the criminal part, now just to get the football skills down pat.

Anonymous said...

The 'M'orality Zone strikes again!

lovin' it!

Anonymous said...

Therefore, I have no recourse but to ban you from the M Zone for a period of no less than three weeks and no more than nine weeks.

WHO IN THE HELL is this clown to say he's going to ban anyone? Last time I checked Rev Al was not a moderator on this blog.

husker 71 said...

"WHO IN THE HELL is this clown to say he's going to ban anyone?"

Al Sharpton thinks he's a mod.

Yost said...


Al Sharpton ALWAYS thinks he's a mod, on this board, in life, etc. etc. etc.

Reed4AU said...

Gracious and Generous? More like ignorant and impertinent. Your points are as fallacious as a sweater vest is manly.

Rev Al said...

So then you agree with all my points including, Maurice's former coach was a sweater wearing cracker,and that Maurice was easily the greatest talent coming out of college in the last 25 years, from THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY of course.

Unfortunately Reed4au you are spineless weakling, it took the threat of a ban to make you see the light.

Be that as it may, I will talk to the powers to be about an exception on the spineless weakling rule.

Reed4AU said...

If you think I agree with your points, you need to get a dictionary.

Your obviously a moron if you think Clarett was the best talent coming out of college in the last 25 years. That he's not in the top 50 is not my opinion that is fact. Also you are obviously a racist blaming the "MAN" for everything bad that happens to you or anybosy you might know. Let me guess the lawyer for Clarett was both white and went to UM.

Grow up man and get your facts straight, Clarett was a talented player who threw it all away and now will see some time behind bars.

Guess who said...

You are just an angry white man who probably sits around watching the Fox network while listening to reruns of the Rush Lardass show.

Move out of your parents house, kiss a girl
and experience life.

The white man needs to get his butt out of hiphop/rap.

Reed4AU said...

Skin color doesn't matter(if it does and you watch any sport you're a hypocrite), hate Fox, Rush is as much a felon as Clarett, own a house, engaged, and trying to live my life in a crappy ACC state.

Yes white people rapping suck, but 90% of rap sucks.

Clarett is a criminal, not based on his skin color or his upbringing but because he's sports a buckstache.

Anonymous said...

ACC, that explains everything.

Reed4AU said...

It sucks to be a SEC man in ACC land, thank goodness for satellite tv.

The only thing worse would be to be stuck in the hell that is the Big Least.

Cool Hand Mike said...

55 days 16 hours 30 minutes to kickoff, Reed.

cottoncandy said...

It never fails, a black man really can't ever do anything wrong, but if you think he did, its because he's black and you're a cracker.

To steal a line from Dennis Leary, why hate him because he is black, when there are so many better reasons to hate him.

Here's where Michigan fans and OSU fans cosmically merge: You, because he's a Buckeye who whupped you, us, because he embarassed us thoroughly.

Anonymous said...

you all cry like a bunch of women..


Anonymous said...

Lots of reporters got egg on their faces about this hitman story. They were so happy to put down Clarett, and try to destroy whatever they thought he might be doing with his life, that they forgot to do their jobs. No one thought to check out the story to see whether it was true or not!

Clarett will be OK. The joke is on us. We are the ones who are not seeing possibly one of the greatest players of our time because of some NFL BS.