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Monday, July 24, 2006

Best of the MZone - the Follow-Up

As our regular readers have noticed, we're not afraid to beat a topic to death here on the MZone. Particularly if we feel there's even a drop to be wrung from the comedy rag. And the Matt Leinart pictures were no exception. A little more than a couple of weeks after originally posting about the Leinart pix, we posted about them again. But this time we actually incorporated something about the game on the field, if only indirectly.

After his incredible Rose Bowl performance in the 2006 Rose Bowl Vince Young was everywhere. He was like Forrest Gump, but more so. He could even run better than Forrest. So when Yost applied Vince's omnipresence to the Leinart pictures, hilarity ensued.

Or maybe the hilarity was Yost's horrendous photo editing skills. Since then I have forbid him from from trying again and have informed Adobe never to allow him to register Photoshop.


Cool Hand Mike said...

Vince could never outrun Forrest and his magic shoes. Roll Tide.

Check yo self

Harry Freeloader said...

Oh, I think Vince could outrun a speeding locomotive, leap tall buildings in a single bound, and he's faster than a speeding bullet. Vince and Co. destroyed a Texas Tech team 52-17 that the Tide barely squeaked by in the Cotton Bowl 13-10.

Superman doesn't live in Metropolis, he lives in Austin, Texas!