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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ask Yost

Last week, we put up a post "commenting" on that fact that Jenn Sterger has a column on SI.com in which - allegedly - actual human beings write in to her for advice. And I got to thinking, if she can dole out advice, why not your humble blogger here?

I mean, first of all, our personal stories are so similar it's almost scary. Jenn got her start as an Internet sensation when, on her way to a 'Noles/Miami game last season, somebody spilled beer on her and the poor girl had nothing to wear but a bikini to Doak Campbell Stadium. When she was shown on TV at the game, the picture got passed all over and - voila! - Jenn Sterger went from unlucky girl with a dry cleaning bill to Jenn Sterger - FSU Cowgirl.

Me, I got my start in the public eye when I was heading over to Benny's tailgate party to talk about starting a college football blog last fall. As luck would have it, on my way there, after stopping for my daily 40 ouncer at the local liquor store, I spilled the damn thing all over myself trying to use my cellphone while pulling in to park on the U-M golf course across from Michigan Stadium.

Having nothing but my undies to wear, I simply wore them to the Big House (where, for some reason, I am still banned to this day). Afterwards, some hotty took the picture shown here which has become sort of an Internet sensation in its own right.

Thus, with those similar backgrounds in mind, today officially marks the beginning of an occasional series here at the MZone called "Ask Yost." Email me (instead of using comments section) with your questions on college football, dating, whatever, and I'll put up a few of the Q&As soon.

Just think, if this goes well, I could -- fingers crossed! -- become the next Jenn Sterger.


Beban said...


I really wanted my girlfriend to do the anal thing. She wouldn't, so I killed her and hid her in the trunk of my car. Now I feel guilty. What should I do?

Confused in Los Angeles

Johnny said...

Nice ass Yost!

St. Simons Island Nole said...

Yost, bring your G String to the Noles/Miami game at the Orange Bowl this Labor Day. Bad thing is, you would just blend in with the Miami fans.

war egle said...


Eber since dat scandel at Abuurn's sociolugy departmant I have been getting alot of hasles from the boss. He say dat my deegre is not wurth the papar dat its writen own. Now he make me be busboy insted of washing dishus. I think I soo him for sexeal harressmant. What do you think Yost?

trojan mike said...

Nice Pic, Yost! Can I take you out to dinner sometime?

Jeff said...


Who let the dogs out?


Carl Monday said...

Yost -

I have a strange fetish for watching & filming young men - typically The Ohio State University fans - masturbate at public libraries in the Ohio region. Some call it a weird fetish. I call it journalism. What say you?

denshamb@cooley.edu said...

Daily Show on Wednesday night, after the Tigers clocked the sawks, had a piece on net neutrality. It also featured Chuck Norris. Missing from the piece? Clearly carl monday chasing down Jim Tressell on his way out of the columbus public library.

Anonymous said...

Yost, my sack sticks to my leg. Please help.

tyrone butterfingers said...


What is love?


sallypierre said...

Dear Yost,

I've been fucking an older gentleman for several years and all he gives me are treadmills and handbags and the occasional trip to the Super Bowl.

Any suggestions on how to spice it up and get some diamonds?


P.S. He's also way too fond of gray.