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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

"And they're tearing down Michigan's coveted M club banner!"

Got an email from L., a Buckeye reader who always sends us great stuff. He sent me a very short clip embedded in email of Ohio State tearing down Michigan's "Go Blue - M Club Supports You" banner in the early '70s at the Big House. It was set to Bob "The Voice of Meeechigan Football" Ufer's call of the "infamous" event (for those of you not familiar with this, Ohio State took the field first before the M/Tosu game and headed straight for and started tearing down the banner that the Wolverines tradionally run under as they come out of the tunnel).

He also sent this picture of the aftermath, as Buckeye players tore at the banner. Check out #90 in the photo. Uh, just what exactly is he trying to do? Even #46 next to him seems to be saying, "Dude, I hate Michigan and all, but that shit ain't right."

Almost was going to make this an MZone Caption Contest. My "starter" caption was...

"Fuck Michigan...'s banner!"

As for the clip of them tearing down the banner itself, due to format issues couldn't put it up here. Checked YouTube and they don't have it on there. So, loyal M readers, anybody have that or know where we can get it? Andy?


Cool Hand Mike said...

#90 is just rubbin his buckeyes on the banner.

Andy said...

I am working on it...

The only version I know I have is from the "Bo/Woody 10 Year War" video -- and Ufer is not on it. I will check the other games I have in my library, I'm sure it is in one of the hightlight packages.

Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

"This is the most fun I've had since I jerked off in the library."

Allaha said...

At least the banner is giving as good as it is getting: not only did it go backdoor on number 77, but it also did so with enough ejaculatory force to send him airborn.

Caption: Many come here for the game, but number 77 comes here for the ride.

Aram said...

I might be able to find it for you. Let me check on some LP's and CD's I have sitting around here. It's from 1973 if that helps anybody out there.