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Monday, June 12, 2006

Zbikowski rings Bell

As we mentioned last week, Notre Dame safety and punt returner Tom Zbikowski fought at Madison Square Garden Saturday night. He entered the arena behind a line of running Notre Dame teammates with receiver Jeff Samardzija carrying a Polish flag. His opponent, Ohioan and Tosu fan Robert Bell - along with two of his cornermen - wore Ohio State football jerseys. When Zbikowskit was asked if it motivated him he said, "You saw what I did."

Hopefully Buckeye scarlet matches Bell's blood color as as Zibikowski scored a KO 49 seconds into the first round.


Anonymous said...

Well it's good they found a patsy to take that fall for Zbikowski. Is it too much to ask for managers to pit young up&comers against young up&comers. The guy from Ohio did he have a 0-5 record.

pants said...

the flurious buckstache fan was 2-2, now is 2-3 and i have heard has retired.

COWolverine said...

Two knockdowns in 49 seconds? They don't really stop the clock for anything, do they? I can only assume that the fight was stopped right as he went down the second time, but that still leaves very little time for punching when a first knockdown surely took up a good portion of those 49 seconds. It must have looked like the final round fight with Mike Tyson in Punchout: punch... knockdown... punch... knockdown. Which is a bit backwards because the angle of that picture makes it look like Zbikowski is the one who is Little Mac, having to punch vertically to get at the guy.

Yost said...

Yeah, he was 2-2 going into this fight. One question -- how bad were the two people he fought? Good goodness, they must have counted bar fights when the guy was 21 or something.

Anon.4 said...

Well it is nice to see someone of Polish-American background beat up on someone who does not have a good record. I enjoyed the World Cup match were Ecuador shut up the large amount of Poles in attendence when they beat Poland 2 - 0. Maybe Zbikowski should go help Poland in the their next match when they take on Germany. Germany seems to have a much better record against Poland then Zbikowski's opponent.

Anonymous said...

Those were not barfights that were counted toward his record it is the amount of children he took candy from.