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Monday, June 12, 2006

You Know the Drill: A Buckeye...A Mustache...A Crime

Look at the picture on the left. On it's own, it's nothing but a photo of a young high school kid named David Lightly -- until you see the 'stache...and discover he's a Tosu basketball recruit. That's when you realize there must have been a crime committed.

Last week, Buckeye-to-be David Lightly and two of his high school teammates were arrested after a man jogging on the high school track reported being shot in the back with a BB gun. And being the criminal masterminds that they are, the three were busted standing on the bleachers holding the weapons when Cleveland cops made the arrest.

They were charged with assault, criminal activity on school property, possession of certain weapons in a public place and criminal trespass.

On a related note, with yet another criminal incident involving a Buckeye and his 'stache, we here at the MZone propose that - instead of calling them mustaches - they be henceforth referred to by their more appropriate name: the Buckstache.

Thanks to reader StatProf and The King for the tip.


Anonymous said...

How many buckeye Stache inceidents can there be? Also it was a plastic pellet gun though still very wrong.

Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

That sound you hear is Thad Matta taping up a Braun shaver package and addressing it to Greg Oden.

Anonymous said...

What will be interesting to find out is that he paid for the plastic pellet gun with the monies he received from tosu ...er... it was given as gift along with the Escalade.

Eric S. said...

"Can't Spell Lloyd's" comment literally made me laugh out loud. Not like that lol bullshit. Literally, I laughed. And if people were around, they would have heard me.

Well said. Err, typed.