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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

We're # 7....or # 10...or...

Orson and the gang posted their EDSBS Pundit-by-Numbers Preseason Top 25 Assembly Kit® yesterday and I think somebody breached a confidentiallity agreement and spilled the beans to them, it's that close to the way the "pros" do it.

My only quibble is they don't have the "Phil Fulmer Variable" which states that if you're still pissed that your never-won-a-title QB lost out on the Heisman, make sure to drop the undefeated team of the actual trophy winner down a couple spots out of spite.


Kyle King said...

I think Phil learned that trick from Lou Holtz, who allegedly handed Georgia Tech a faux national title in 1990 by submarining Colorado on his final coaches' poll ballot in retribution for the Orange Bowl.

It was a clip, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Much as it pains me to say anything remotely supportive of ND or that lisping dork Lou Holtz, that play was not even remotely close to a clip. Trust me, I've been forced to watch that play 4 dozen times over the years by my annoying ND-loving cousins. I realize I'm breaking the cardinal rule that ND-haters abide by (you're a stronger man than me, K.K.), but Holtz probably had that one right, especially when you add in the infamous "5th down".

wds4usc said...

I'm sorry, but I also have to agree. Perhaps I just don't like the "Christlike" Bill McNutty as Colorado coach but remember--they had a loss and a tie and a fifth-down win. Georgia Tech only had a tie as a blemeish.