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Friday, June 23, 2006

Ultimate College Football Preview

Forget Athlon. Never mind Phil Steele. Throw Lindy's out the window. We here at the MZone have uncovered the definitive 2006 college football preview. If only Herbstreit would end the Gameday broadcasts the same way when Corso says something stupid.

Watching this actually makes us miss Trev Alberts and Beano Cook.

On second thought, we prefer these two knuckleheads.


Jeremy said...

That wastebasket is clearly wicker. What a pussy.

St. Simons Island Nole said...

Makes you miss Trev Albert? Oh my, I would rather watch a church burn then listen to that ass-clown again. He is still whining about losing to FSU in the 93 National Championship.

Anonymous said...

Sign those kids up for ESPN Gameday. "You shut the fuck up" no "You shut the Fuck up" I could listen to that all day.
By the way thanks Michigan for beating Penn State, giving tOSU a share in the Big 10. we owe you and Manningham one for that beautiful catch.

once crapped in a hormel chili said...

I believe that one of those fuckers will have a buckstache in the future. BTW buckstache is now defined in the urban dictionary:


Yost said...


LOL! We're big time, baby!

COWolverine said...

That guy did react like a puss. His level of writhing around in the chair was appropriate for if it had been a cinder block chucked at him, not a little waste basket.

The part that actually was funnier to me in a sad way was when their transitive process of arguing had worked its way down to Michigan beating PSU, and the one guy is left reaching for anything to say: "Michigan.... arrrggghhh...." No good way to justify losing to the Michigan team we saw last year.

cottoncandy said...

As usual, the dumbest guy in the room is the Michigan fan.

Mr. A said...

Haha, that was great. I wonder if that texas fan can name any other player from Texas's roster though

King of Ducks said...

to cottoncandy,

there were no michigan fans in the room. it appeared as tho there was a texas fan and an ohio state fan. unless the kid arguing for texas was a michigan fan giving the osu fan a hard time.

wd4pusced said...

You thought Ohio State was corrupt.

Look at USC's rap sheet in the past two years

-two players arrested and charged with sexual assault
-one player arrested for pointing a deadly weapon at another USC student
-1 player charged with two separate counts of domestic violence
-one player arrested on crack cocaine dealing charges
-13 players investigated for rape and drug dealing at a party
-1 player charged with two counts of vandalism
-2 players indicted on fake ID federal charges
-1 player soliciting a prostitute
-1 player arrested for rape

-one 757,000 house given to family of a player
-over 12,000 dollars in cash given to a player by a USC booster
-player given matching 5 karat earrings
-player having his dad's debt of 24,000 paid off by an agent
-player's family receiving 8 free trips to road games, all expenses paid
-all players and recruits getting free meals at Greek restaurant owned by USC booster

-one point shaving plot
-at least two players signing with an agent back in November 2004, though they continued playing for two seasons after
-agreements with known gang members and casino owners
-three NCAA investigations, including one going on currently
-1 FBI investigation, a first for any NCAA football program.

trojan mike said...

Hey wd4pusced-

you forgot ML doing a promo for ESPN before the Rose Bowl. Falling down on the job there buddy!

WolverineinWA said...

Amusing how the Ohio State fan couldn't muster the brain power for a decent comeback, so he resorted to throwing garbage.

Anonymous said...

Best preview Ive seen this offseason.

Anonymous said...

"No good way to justify losing to the Michigan team we saw last year. "

That's funny, I recall that it took a frantic comeback for Tosu to prevail in the last minute of play. Not exactly a trouncing.

Anonymous said...

yes thank you and you would be serpise there was alot of stuff in it but we didnt expcet it to get this big lol but yes im a texas fan and i know more on the team then just vince young...