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Monday, June 19, 2006

Soccer's not that bad. Really.

Not all of us at the MZone hate soccer. Though hardly a major fan, I've followed the results, watched a couple of games, and was interested in seeing the USA-Italy game on Saturday. I even got into Ghana's huge upset of the Czech Repulbic. I couldn't help but notice a number of similarities to watching a college football game on ABC:

  • During the pre-game they took several shots of the fans outside the stadium and it was very reminiscent of the crowd shots during Gameday, with everyone wearing their team's colors, holding up signs to get on TV, singing their team's songs and, of course, partying.
  • Though I know not everyone at the World Cup paints their face and wears a wig, it's much easier to get on TV if you do those things. Just like for a college football game.
  • During the game, the crowd noise is overwhelming, not only because of the cheering, but also because of the singing and chanting. It might not be Let's Go Blue, or Hang on Sloopy, but it's still pretty catchy.
  • Unfortunately, just like many games in college football, the referees have too much influence.
  • Every 15 minutes or so ABC would put their "Sports Board" crawl at the bottom of the screen where they'd update scores in other World Cup games. That's all well and good, but when they'd start it up, they played the exact same tune that they use on college football Saturdays. So I hear those familiar notes, and I'm expecting to see an update on the Texas-Oklahoma game, and instead I get Portugal 2, Iran 0. Well, I guess I'm happy about that.

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Yost said...


Are you sure that's not Lee Corso in the Capt. America costume?

trojan mike said...

I admit I watched the USC-Italy game. When McBride got elbowed in the face by the Italian and blood was squirting all over the place, it did get a lot more interesting....

trojan mike said...

oops I mean USA (not USC) wonder why I have USC on the brain?

BaggyPantsDevil said...

I’d have to say that the most positive aspect of the FIFA World Cup concerns Germany. I lived in Germany in 1990 when they won it and my landlord—and everyone in the neighborhood—was extremely happy. Happy Germans do stuff like give you lots and lots of free locally vinted wine and build things like this. Unhappy Germans do stuff like this and this.

Prior to the Second World War, Germany had zero appearances in the final game. Since then, they’ve had seven appearances and three championships. Perhaps that’s an additional reason why they’ve deferred the dream of world—or at least European—domination? It’s better for everyone when they focus on winning World Cups and producing fine automobiles and alcoholic beverages.

cottoncandy said...

Must be a freudian photoshop. See that the guy on top is in red, and the guy sucking ass on the bottom is blue? A coincidence? I think not. And, even though his back is to you, the guy in red does have a mustache.