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Thursday, June 22, 2006

"Put the cue ball down and step away from the pool table!"

Ugandan police have banned folks from playing pool during the daytime because they say it encourages crime. According to a Ugandan police chief, youths play while drinking and smoking dope, using pool games "as a meeting place to make plans of robbing people of their property at night."

On the plus side, pool tables also promote hot girl-girl action


cottoncandy said...

My God, they have seen the Music Man!!!

bamachick18 said...

Okay, guys let me just say I think you are hilarious. I happened upon you when I found a reference to the "A New Meaning to Roll With The Tide"-good one, dudes. I like it.
But I do not understand the Tosu, try as I might and when I asked my boyfriend to explain it neither could he. Could you clue me in?
By the way, I think it's too funny the way the "Tosu" fans cannot stay away from your site and then get pissed off when they read it.
I will keep coming back. You guys are great.

Yost said...


Tosu stands for THE Ohio State University. Buckeye fans feel the need to always have the "the" in front of their school name so we just re-christened the name.

Thanks for reading.

Yost said...


Just tried to post this but don't think it went through. Thus...

"Tosu" stands for THE Ohio State University. You see, Buck fans insist on the "the" before the school name so this is just our little "homage" to that.

Bamachick18 said...

Thanx Yost,
Now let me tell you: my boyfriend is an Auburn fan. I, obviously, LOVE the Crimson Tide. He talks about something called THE THUMB. Never heard of it...
Anyway, I love him dearly, but we fight once a year (I'm ashamed to admit he's been winning lately). Anyway, to get to my point: those Auburn Dudes have NOTHING on Tosu fans. Those guys are just mean. I have been laughing my ass off at some their vile reactions to your very funny posts.
I have always liked Michigan, never had much of an opinion about Tosu. But now, after reading the stuff they put on your site...Go, Michigan!!!

Yost said...

Thanks, BC. Have to tell you though, I thought M/OSU was a nasty rivalry but DAMN, Auburn/Alabama, now there is some animosity. Anytime we ever put a post up about either school on here, we're swamped with comments.

God, I love college football!