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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Proof that Beavis & Butthead are alive and well and living in Columbus

How did the conversation go that led to this wild and crazy fun-filled day?...

"I'm bored."
"Summer sucks."
"Least we don't have to study and read books and shit."
"I wish we could go throw stuff and spit at Michigan fans."
"Gotta wait til November, dude."
"Don't you mean - FUCK MICHIGAN!"


"Dude, I got it! Let's go set a Michigan hat on fire!"
"Dude, you so fucking rock!"


"Wait! And let's video tape it!"



joshua said...

Winners all the way.

UpTheHawks said...

That is just sad. Tosu is making it easy for you guys these days.

Kirbdaddy said...

douchebaggery is alive and well in Ohio...

Anonymous said...

Probably had some michigan fan lose a bet last year and was made to burn his Michigan hat. Also why did the guy say this is for my boys upstate if it wasn't filmed in Michigan. Camoflauge hats are alive in Michigan. Either way dumb video

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that the M refuses to burn.

Tom said...

I'm just surprised that didn't end with someone's leg on fire. Kudos, Bucks fans, I expected less from you!

harry hasselhoff said...

Anon 5:31 - Nobody in Michigan says upstate, so guess again. And it's not a dumb video, it's dumb people captured on video. Oh, and it's part of a humor page, so don't get your panties in a bunch :)

Yost said...

Anon 5:31

Typical Buck response - instead of just shrugging and going, "Man, what idiots," he tries to get all CSI and figure out a way to say it's not Buck fans.

Anonymous said...

All right, Tosu grads, the fun is over - now get back into the van and deliver those pizzas.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Harry, Panties are officially unbunched. When I said dumb video I was talking about the people in it. Also I come here everyday because this site is hilarious, so if you took it wrong I suppose my immediate response is I really don't give a fuck.
Good comment on the CSI Yost

Yost said...


If you come here all the time, we need to get you a good ID so we don't have to say "Anon 5:31" or something like that. Makes it easier when the mud starts flying on the site here between Bucks and Wolverines.

Thanks for reading.

OSU45 said...

Wait till I burn your house down Michigan fan. I wanted to reply to OU fan, but you are OU, and Autzen is a cumdumpster. Kirbdaddy? You picken up hookers or workin the kirb? Oh wait, M fan = trashman. You turd fossils are worse then ND fan., Chris Wells is gonna skull bang you and Ginn is gonna use and abuse your 4th qtr D. Hey Yeast I hope to see you at the game with your life partner holy pants dervil and give you the beatin worse then your player was giving his ham while on the ho's porch. You ever seen Higher learning? Im gonna go remy on you and stomp kirbdaddy. Im gonna stick my pimp of all football chalice up your ass. JT will smack LLLLOYd's tits all over the place then give him a HOT CARL.
OU fan who thought I was Oregan State dfan, stay home and play red rocket with your dog while hoping no one members Ontario Smith is a duck. There is a reason you suck. You take players with no character, thats why JT didn't want them.
For God loved Ohio so much, he gave us Tressel. OOOOO HHHH IIII OOO!!!!!!
E D D I E!!!!!!
8====>~~~ on Michigan

cottoncandy said...

Man we sure are dumb. Wish we could come up with REALLY COOL gags like the guy with the Charlie Bauman shirt standing next to a Welcome to Columbus sign. Man, talk about MENSA material. We just will never be able to out think you Michigan fans.

Yost said...

I think we might have just discovered the person wearing the camouflaged hat in the video.

Wow. Thanks, OSU45 (your IQ, I assume) for saying more with your post than I could have ever hoped to.

Charlie Bauman's Sore Face said...

Great week for Tosu - drug peddling coaches, domestic abusing receivers, and now arson - "For God loved Ohio so much, he gave us Tressel." - maybe you shouldn't use "God" in the same sentence as Tressel, you may become a lightning-bolt target.

OSU45 said...

IQ jokes? you want me to go get my 2nd grade cousin to trade insults with? Someone on your level? Sorry I don't take the time to spell and gramar check so I can feel some acceptence from the anonymous online community. I have more important things to do, such as check my stocks and how to better invest my $94,000 annual salary. Holmes is gone, he did nothing under JT's watch and he screws up 2 times after leaving. WOW. Did I ever tell you bout that time I got blunted with my friends and threw urine on the band? I am gonna turn you out like peter north.
The fun bunch Ted Ginn, T.Smith and Pittman!!!!!!
BOREN BURGESS AND PRESSCUNT we are coming for you.

WolverineinWA said...


You must be the most desperately pathetic human being on the planet.

Don't breed.

utah said...

Jeez, OSU45, just when I think you can't get any dumber you go and post something like that...and totally redeem yourself! Wow! "Boren Burgess and Presscunt"! Ha ha! You cleverly worked "cunt" into "Prescott"! Priceless! Plese remember to stop back here and grace us with your presence after your big moment on "The Tonight Show".
Ooh, let's not forget your $94,000 a year, either! Congratulations, you've achieved middle management in the Wendy's franchise. You go, girl!

Yost said...

"I have more important things to do"

LOL!!!! Like hang out all day on a Michigan blog and share your wit?

As for your "second grade insults," I assume this dandy of yours...

8====>~~~ on Michigan

...Is 3rd grade material.

Yost said...

LOL, Utah.

He throws out $94K like that's high society coin. LOL!

Next comment he's going to bragging about his new Camry with the CD changer.

Kirbdaddy said...

OSU45, Thanks for reinforcing my point!!! Cheers!

Why are you so mad? Are you one of the offending douchebags in the video?

BTW, my last name is Kirby, thus KIRBdaddy, not CURB...moron!

Charlie Bauman's Sore Face said...

"$94,000 annual salary. "

Wow, gay prostitution is obviously a seller's market in Columbus. Now put that salary to good use and take a GED prep course.

osu45 said...

Man I have to suck alot of cock to bring home $94K and I do my job with a lot of pride. So don't you jackasses be dissing me 'cause I work hard for the money!

Go Bucks!

cottoncandy said...

Yost, why in the hell do you rag on Buckeye fans hanging out here? You just want your own self serving echo chamber?

You want you and your Wolversmallpenis buddies who can't get dates to sit around in a circle jerk and giggle at how clever you are at coming up with really funny digs at Buckeyes?

Who did you think your Buckeye shots were going to attract? Northwestern fans? That come back "hey why are you stupid Buckeyes on a Michigan site" is worn out. Come up with something new.

I've said this before, but if you can't take it, don't dish it out.

[I really do love you guys though]

Yost said...

Oh, Cotton. Cotton, Cotton, Cotton.

We can take it. In fact, I actually like a good, clever comeback or retort or dig by Buck fans to something we wrote here.

But the key word there is clever. Like Tosu fans who don't understand the difference between good natured ribbing on the road and breaking windows/"Fuck Michigan!" taunts, there is also a difference between wearing a Charlie Bauman jersey to Columbus (clever) and "Presscunt" and "Wolversmallpenis" (not so clever).

Just trying to help. Although, I must say, you and 45 have made helped me come to realize just how Andrew Dice Clay was such a national sensation back in the day.

P.S. We all anxiously await your next comment where you A) tell us that Charlie Bauman thing wasn't clever and B) follow it up with the word "pussy," "cunt" or "faggot" ingeniusly inserted as part of a Wolverine player or coach's name.

Brad said...

Geez, 1 Buckeye fan gets a library card, now they all have 'em. They gotta expire sometime, right?

Herringbone said...

Now fellas....

I realize that some of my Buckeye brethren are a bit on the unclever side with their retorts, but cmon now...I doint know what is more sad...that some group of moron State or OSU fans made a home video or somebody had the effin' time to find this video on YouTube

With that being said...absolutely love the TT fan video...GOOOOO RAIDERSSSS....

Yost said...


Are you kidding me? If not for YouTube, we'd actually have to be creative. Screw that.

Thanks for reading.

And yeah, that TT thing had us laughing our asses off!

tc said...

Cotton -

"That come back, hey why are you stupid Buckeyes on a Michigan site, is worn out. Come up with something new."

ehh? What is it with you always telling other bloggers that they aren't funny and/or original enough to post anything. You're the same crackhead that keeps telling JT at Tressel's World that his bits are tired. And the issue is not one of "why are bucks visiting a Michigan blog" but rather "why are bucks surprised/upset over the content posted in it". Did Yost get you to pay for membership or something and you feel you must continue to read to get your money's worth?

Not only is this a Michigan blog, but it is one that gets particular enjoyment from ridiculing its rivals....that would be tOSU, MSU, ND, and the rest of the Big 10. Buckeyes tend to get the worst of it. This point has obviously waved bye-bye to you long ago. If you're looking for unbiased sports commentary then just head over to............I don't think such a thing exists so good luck with that. In short, just shut the hell up.

Anonymous said...

Stole this from bucknuts, enjoy!