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Friday, June 30, 2006

Problems with Big House Renovations Already Obvious

MZone reader Evan sent us the pic and email below...

Just came across this preliminary sketch of the Big House Renovations, which you have probably seen before, except the stats on the scoreboard caught my eye.

We appear to be playing Western Mich., and the score is tied 44-44 in the first quarter. And amazingly, both teams have gained nor given up any yards. Since special teams yards probably don't count for the offense or against the defense, I can only imagine Stevie Breaston and Western's return man can both run 2.3 40's and have 80" verticals to allow them to trade off returning 7 consecutive kickoffs for TDs. (7 TDs given that Garrett Rivas and Western's place kicker have missed 5 out of 7 extra points, which is hardly a surprise for either kicker.)

Also, it is now 4th & 44 for Michigan, which means that Western eventually caught on and pooched the ball to an up-man on the kickoff, then stopped Max Martin (pictured on the video board) 3 times for no gain. Why we would be playing Max Martin in such a "close" game is beyond me, but maybe Lloyd hoped Martin and Breaston were training together.

Finally, the play clock shows 44 seconds, which would have to be a rule change from the current 30.

If this scoreboard is indeed an indication of the kind of effect the new luxury boxes will have on games at the Big House, I am firmly against them. We don't need luxury boxes to embarass ourselves against Western, instead we could just play the early September game on the road in Kalamazoo.


Sean said...

Before every game that's what the scoreboard reads. It must be a "default" setting or something to read just all 4's.

jeff said...

I once thought that the default setting on the Sparty scoreboard read: "All your base is belong to us"

Anonymous said...

It would also help if Max Martin even attended Michigan anymore. I believe he transfered.

zinzarin said...

Certainly most people here have actually been to the Big House, so you'd know that the scoreboard always reads all "4"s before the game starts. Not sure why.

Anybody care to try to figure out? Is this tradition, or did someone just pick a number at random and they stuck with it?

Scarlet & Gray Matters said...

Are those Port-A-Potty trucks under the new addition??

Harry Hasselhoff said...

Apparently, the attendance for that WMU-UM contest was 21, two of whom are disabled and all of whom are dressed in white. Sounds remarkably like the starting lineup for MSU.

Anonymous said...

read somewhere that the 4's are to remind the players to play all 4 quarters.....

utah said...

anon 10:25,

Apparently our D from last year never saw the scoreboard when it had that on it.

utah said...

Hasselhoff, that was f-ing brilliant!