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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Old Dominion to Add Football in 2009

The title of this post alone should tell you how tough it is to find college football related material for one's college football blog the first week of June.

Anyhoo, starting in 2009, ODU will become the 13th member of the 1-AA Colonial Athletic Association. The Monarchs will play their home games at Foreman Field, a 20,000-seat stadium that will be upgraded to have suites in one endzone.

In a related story, starting in 2009, Kansas State has added Old Dominion to its non-conference schedule in perpetuity.


Anonymous said...

Made the same comment over at EDSBS, but ODU is going to be a competitive 1-AA team in fairly short order. Eastern VA produces a TON of talent (Michael Vick, Lawrence Taylor, AI) and ODU will probably become the detination of choice for the 1-AA-bound player from that area, much to the detriment of W&M and JMU.

cottoncandy said...

anon, you sayin' that recruits from that area want to blow up the school? Is that legal in Virginia?

Anonymous said...

$100 says that Florida adds them to one of their first two games!

Reed4AU said...

ODU might be competitive at that level in a few years, because as anon pointed out the Hampton area of VA produces a lot of talent. However it will take awhile because of the competition from other in state recriuters. Anybody who can really play will go to VA Tech, if they can play and read they'll go to UVA. If they can play but not at TECH they'll go to JMU(National Champs 2 years ago). If they can play and read but not at UVA there's Richmond. Not to mention schools such as Virginia St. and Virginia Union. Also if they want to play and shoot guns(not unheard of around Hampton) there's always VMI.

jeff said...

Maybe I'm labeling myself here, but doesn't a "200 member marching band" out of nothing sound just a tad too optimisitc?