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Monday, June 05, 2006

Off Topic: The Sopranos

Ok, not college football related but just wanted to get some feedback here from anybody else who watches the show.

Is it just me, or did that final episode suck ass last night? I feel like this whole season was a waste of time.

What a letdown.

UPDATE: Apparently others feel the same way. Check out this article from an AP television reporter.


Anonymous said...

I didnt think the whole season sucked. but last night definately left something to be desired. it would have been ok for a regular show but not the season finale. no OMG moments.. no cliffhangers.. nothing.. almost like it was written to be the LAST episode.

nico said...

That was one of the worst endings to a season I've ever seen in anything. A bunch of mobsters feeling all warm and cozy sitting by the fire on Christmas?

Thank goodness Big Love finished strong last night or I would've been pissed off about wasting two hours in a row.

Anonymous said...

Yost -
'whole season what a waste of time, let down' Gee! Kinda like how I felt at the end of football season!

But yes...my cable provider can jam the HBO package in their butt. I'm done. :-(

Anonymous said...

Now it seemed to me that they left it so they can do another season. But hey i was stoned so I was weirded out by the constant switching and then Christopher getting back into drugs. I got to watch it a second time to be sure.

chuckwoods24 said...

a bunch of monsters? none amongst you has ever pulled out the 'at least we don't use needles' line and then crawled away to puke in a trash can? or brought the fake-boobed mother of a three-year-old home when you still live with your parents? we must run with different crowds.

slipknut85 said...

it sucked