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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Net Neutrality Update

A couple weeks ago, we put up a post about "net neutrality" and the potential consequences if Congress strikes down the status quo which now requires the big telecoms to treat all information equally on the Internet (meaning whether you go to Deadspin or ESPN to get your sports fix, AT&T shouldn't be able to charge a fee so that deep-pocketed ESPN loads faster, etc.).

We'll say it again and again but, while not exciting or sexy, this issue is very important if you want to get unfiltered access to your favorite sites and not be faced someday with an Internet that is closer to cable TV, controlled by big media companies that can pick and choose "winners" online.

Well, our friends over at Bruin Nation have put up another excellent post on the subject. The telecom bill has moved over to the Senate where it's coming down to crunch time. So check out Nestor's post over there and please contact your Senator about this very important subject.

And as if you needed more reason why you shouldn't want companies like Comcast controlling access to the Internet, some of you might have read about the Comcast employee who was fired for falling asleep on a customer's couch during a house call while - not making this up - being put on hold for an hour by Comcast!

The story came to light because the customer posted a video of the sleeping tech on YouTube. Let's make sure it stays that way and everyday folks continue to enjoy the same access to the Internet as the "big guys."

Ok, we know we already have two YouTube posts up today, but you can't tell the story above without...

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