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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

NCAA to Drew Tate: You'll Get Nothing And Like It!

Drew Tate must have felt like the bishop in Caddyshack: Last Friday, the Iowa QB was playing in a charity golf tournament and hit a hole-in-one which entitled him to $25,000 toward the purchase of a new car. He was all set to use the money to purchase a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle...until the NCAA decided to smite him.

Iowa AD Bob Bowlsby (great name for an AD, by the way) was at the tournament and told the 2004 All-Big 10 QB that, since he has a year of eligibility left, accepting the prize would be against NCAA rules.

Rat farts!


Anonymous said...

Tate thou hast been Smoted. Love the NCAA.

surrounded in columbus said...

so, if he played pro baseball in the summer, he'd be entitled to the millions his contract provided, but not the golf prize???

i suppose (following the baseball analogy) if he were a pro golfer on the tour, he could keep the money he won and still play football in the fall, but can't keep the $25k prize???


Benny Friedman said...

Surrounded, the difference is that a guy who plays baseball and makes money is doing so because he has talent at baseball - it has nothing to do with him being the star QB.
Tate was playing in this tournament solely because he's a celebrity, because he's Iowa's QB. So any money he makes from it would be due to his football. It's not as if he just entered some contest that any guy off the street could have entered. Tate understood, when he said in the article's last paragraph "if it weren't for football and the university, I wouldn't be playing in this outing anyway."

Anonymous said...

If he would have been allowed to keep the prize, the next step would be the Greater Columbus Put-Put tournament where local celebrities would have a chance to win a new Escalade for sinking a 6 inch put.

Yost said...

LOL, Anon!

Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

At first glance at the picture of Judge Smails, I thought Lacey Underall in the background was the USC cheerleader who cheered at the wrong time.

Barry said...

Benny makes a good point, but I'd bet that anybody who paid the entry fee could play in that charity outing. That's the point of charity outings anyway!

So did Tate pay the fee, or was he playing pro bono because he's a celebrity?

jeff said...

We're all forgetting the big issue here. Why were they going to give him $25,000 for anything (even a hole in one) if the event was for CHARITY?!

Wouldn't the sick children be wondering: "that hole in one was good, lucky guy; but I needed a new kidney"

Yost said...

LOL, Jeff. Good point.

Anonymous said...

A clarification on the 25K. Tournaments such as this take out an insurance policy to protect themselves against paying out. (If I had gone to UM I probably wouldn't have ended that last sentence in a preposition)

For a small amount, usually about $200, they can get an insurance policy . And (damn! showing my non-UM education again) since it was 25K towards a new car, they probably had a deal with a dealership or car company to knock even more off the 25K.