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Monday, June 12, 2006

MZone Forced to Issue Apology

Last week, we had an MZone Caption Contest for the picture below of AJ Hawk and his, uh, "shrinkage" issue:

In the comments section, one of our staff members mentioned that Mr. Hawk was - quote - "hung like a squirrel." Unfortunately, we seemed to have offended a large segment of that rodent population by implying the size of their "squirrelhood" was only as big as Mr. Hawk's.

We here at the MZone truly regret this incident and have removed the offending comment.

HT: Props to reader TC for pointing us toward IVIGoBlue's post on the Wolverine Scout board where they had a thread on the original Caption Contest post.


Squirrel said...

You guys can go ahead and order a "Roast Duck with Mango Salsa" at the fancy restaurant!!

Yost said...

Hip reference! So funny but Benny and I were talking about that commercial when we wrote this up last night.

Squirrel #2 said...

I don't have much of an appetite...thank you.

Yost said...


cottoncandy said...

You guys struck gold here. That's funny. Now tomorrow you can go back to your usual like a photoshop picture of a guy in a mustache and an OSU sweatshirt beating off in the library.

Anonymous said...

First of all I don't know why you
are looking a Mr. Hawk's crotch?
But since you brought it up it is
a well known fact steroid use can
shrink a cup to a demitasse except
in squirrels.