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Friday, June 02, 2006

Monday Gets His Man

Last week, we did a story on Mike Cooper, the Buckeye fan caught spanking it at the library by Cleveland's Investigative Reporter, Carl Monday.

Turns out, Monday always gets his man.

Saw on Deadspin that, as a result of Monday's story, Cooper was arrested and charged with public indecency for his library activities (as opposed to being charged with indecency for wearing that god-awful Tosu sweatshirt).

Only bad news about the arrest is that this might be the last time we hear about Mr. Cooper. Which bums us out. Because that means this might be the last chance we get to run this picture with a link to the original story.


allaha said...

The MZone's loss will be the penitentiary's gain. Although MZone readers may not see more of that tOSU sweatshirt, it will be regularly re-inserted and re-discovered by the amateur proctologist doubling as his cell mate.

Brickeye said...

Oh I'm sure MZone will have a way to rehash this story plus the pedo story throughout the next couple of weeks, months ect.

At least until fall.

Anonymous said...

The guy is a mustachioed Buckeye fan who lives with his parents. Hasn't he suffered enough?

BaggyPantsDevil said...

free mike cooper

Saw this link over at Deadspin.

And I say, ride this story until every aspect has been fully explored--the trial of the century! the sentencing, his first public sexual act with another person in the prison showers, returning to his parent's house to play more Halo after he's released--or the 2006 college football season begins whichever comes first.

Anonymous said...


Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

He wasn't good enough for the band, so he had to find his own way to "Dot the I".