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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Michigan Men's Fantasy Football Experience

Ever wondered what it was like to go through two-a-days with the Wolverines? Review game film? Suit up at the Big House? Now you can find out.

The 1st Annual Michigan Men's Fantasy Football Experience will be held August 3rd & 4th, 2006 for the first 116 season ticket holders who sign up. Proceeds will benefit the "Men ofMichigan" Prostate Cancer Research Fund at the University of Michigan. The goal is to advance awareness, research and treatment of the most diagnosed cancer in American men.

At the event, participants will conduct two-a-days practice installing offensive and defensive schemes coached by the Michigan coaching staff. Folks will attend a typical team meeting in Schembechler Hall, review actual practice film, and suit up in the Michigan Stadium team locker room. Participants will also have their own locker at the Big House and receive an authentic Nike game jersey.

The cost for the two day experience is $2,500 per person and includes meals and overnight accommodations at the Campus Inn Hotel where the team stays prior to every home football game.

The MZone has learned other packages are available for this program as well. For $3,000, Joe Paterno will make a guest appearance and bitch about all the calls made during the event. For $3,500, you get to live every Michigan fan's fantasy by boarding the team bus and fantasizing what it would be like to ride home on it after a road victory in September. And finally, for $5,000 the athletic department offers its deluxe package in which participants travel to Columbus on the team bus to be searched by state troopers and drug sniffing dogs while having shit thrown at them by actual Buckeye fans.


Anonymous said...

okay - this bit is somewhat funny (there's been much more funny things posted on this blog).

let's not play this off like 'shit' has actually been thrown at michigan players at any time.

post something like this & in no time it's fact on some message board somewhere. when fact finding is complete the M Zone will be the culprit - & that just looks bad!

surrounded in columbus said...

i don't think Yost (and Yost, correct me if i'm wrong) meant "shit" in the literal sense, but more like "shit" as in "stuff" (i.e.; "grab your shit and let's go").

my bigger concern is that somewhere in small town ohio (Greencamp? Nelsonville???) there's a guy w/ cheesy stache and tosu hat who read this and just had a "new" idea about what to throw at next season's game in columbus.

Why so touchy? said...

Why does every post on this blog get a response from some OSU slappy who takes the post too seriously, or in this case, literally? This is a COMEDY site where yes, they poke fun at OSU but as you can see from the same post, they poke fun at their own team too. Just enjoy the comedy and take them for what they are- JOKES.

Yost said...


Yes, shit = stuff in this case. My apologies to any Buckeyes who took it literally.

Yost said...

Toche' Touchy.

Anonymous said...

I only throw literal shit after a loss to michigan. And for 10,000 dollars you get to feel the wrath of LLLLoyd after a loss in Columbus as he walks past you without shaking your hand.

To my fellow buckeyes anyone who views this site expect to not take anything "super serial" and if you do don't come here. Its humor and humor only. You have to have a sense of humor, and the knowledge that none of these posts are going to affect your daily life in anyway at all. You'll still wake up tomorrow after seeing a buckeye bashing post today.

Yost said...

Well said, Anon. And as somebody else pointed out - we take just as many shots at our own team as well.

With all that's going on the world, last thing any of us need to do is take a college football blog too seriously.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Considering the theory of supply and demand, shouldn't being pelted by debris outside Ohio Stadium be complimentary and a bus ride ride home after a September road victory cost at least $250,000?

tyrone butterfingers said...

Come on guys, everybody knows OSU fans don't throw shit. They leave their shit in coolers in the parking lot.