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Monday, June 12, 2006

Look! In the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's the Texas QB

Colt McCoy, one of the leading candidates to replace Vince Young as the Longhorns' QB in 2006, has gotten a head start over the competition for being the next hero under center for Texas. Because while most of us spent our Memorial Day drunk and stuffed with hot dogs, McCoy saved a man's life by swimming 300 yards across a lake and raced up a steep, rocky incline to signal for help.

We heard he also helps little old ladies across the street and gets cats out of trees.

As such, in our opinion, thanks to the heroics of McCoy, the Longhorns should be granted an exemption in the Fulmer Cup, should the charges against Ramonce Taylor stand up, or if Mack Brown gets caught with an open container in Lincoln.

And we have to ask: What's up with the names of these quarterbacks that are right out of a bad movie? Could someone named Colt McCoy do anything other than play quarterback for the Texas Longhorns? Could a person named Jim Bob Cooter play for any school other than Tennessee? Then again, since Cooter's been suspended, maybe he can't even do that.


Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

This would be even funnier if Jim Bob's name was Phil.

Harry Hasselhoff said...

Who knew Frankie Muniz had a good arm? Coming soon on non-stop Fox: "Mack in the Middle."

craiger said...

i think jim bob cooter could be a hell of a Texas A&M Aggie.

Joshua said...

300 YDS?!!! You have any idea how tough that is? Shit.

Rugger9090 said...

A wonderful job of swimming 300 yards and climbing a steep hill at a single bound...but why didn't he just pick up the phone and callfor help. Or better yet, get in the car and drive the stricken man to the hospital.

Anonymous said...

Colt and his dad were fishing and had no vehicle handy. They did use a cell phone to call 911, but they knew it'd take a while for the ambulance to get out to the lake, so they both swam across the lake. One of the stricken man's neighbors did call 911. Colt helped the ambulance crew find their way down the canyon to the lake. The man had had a seizure. He'll be fine.

hookem said...

72 more yards and you have the total yards Vince had when Texas beat michigan`s *ss

Yost said...

Why the hate, Hookem? We give props to Texas and you talk smack.


You're definitely not the typical UT fan. My guess is you're a bandwagon type who never sniffed the campus.