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Friday, June 16, 2006

The Jenn Sterger of Brazil

Ok, maybe I was too harsh on soccer...at least Brazilian fans:

Even crazier, the story of the woman above is remarkably similar to that of FSU football fan Jenn Sterger. As rumor has it, the young Brazilian lady was on her way to the big soccer match when somebody spilled beer all over her and she was like, "Que a foda!" So she just threw on her yellow bathing suit top and took one for the team. No way was this Brazilian bombshell going to miss the game. Hell no!

But wouldn't you know it, when she got to the match, her nipples started to itch. All because of that damn yellow top which she never wore - unless people spilled beer all over her on the way to soccer games. So, she had no choice - like the yellow top itself - but to whip those suckers out.

Now, as luck would have it, the soccer match was being televised by Brazil's largest network, TV Globo. And when a TV Globo cameraman happened to turn his lens her way and Brazilian sports commentator Bernardo Musburger famously said, "Duas razões vir a Brasil" ("Two reasons to come to Brazil) - an Internet sensation was born.

All because somebody spilled beer on this poor girl. All by accident. Just like Jenn Sterger.


allaha said...

Two more reasons why soccer is Brazil's favorite sport. . . . Hell, I know who I'm cheering for now -- the guy who spilled beer on her.

Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

What a titillating story.

Anonymous said...

It must be a little nipply, I mean nippy in Germany

Joshua said...

Lol. My roommate bartends, and there's this gorgeous venture capitalist who comes in weekly for martini night with her friends. She's about 5'8", blonde, and usually shows up in a killer business suit. Well, this week she showed up for the Brazil match in hotpants and a Brazil shirt. So my roomie, being the ultra-smooth guy (and Buckeye fan) that he is, was trying to make small talk and said "You know, it's nice to see you so undressed." Oops.

Instant classic. Don't know whose expressioon was better- hers, or his after he realized that what he meant wasn't what he'd said. I'll be dining out on that one for months.

Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

With pictures like this, they should rename it the World D-Cup.

Soccer...it's Hooterific!

Theri Maa, Bhanchod! said...

thank you. Thank you so much MZone. You can now explain my total lack of productivity to my bosses.

Anonymous said...

Solid spank bank material.

Casey S said...

Best post ever on the M Zone.

Papa Steve said...

See, now you're getting it. that never happens at football games

Anonymous said...

You just got a new contender for your hottest girls bracket!

Casey S said...

Papa steve, I think I remember Janet Jackson doing the same thing. This Brazilian chick is in an entirely different league though, so to speak.

Rich said...

Just one regret: What's with the square black pasties!?

Anonymous said...

I say there is a new contender for the M zone hotties contest.