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Saturday, June 10, 2006

If Tosu sweatshirts are outlawed, only outlaws will have Tosu sweatshirts

This was first posted at Everyday Should Be Saturday, but we couldn't ignore it. Yet another crime has been committed by someone wearing Tosu gear. Florence, Kentucky police are seeking a man who robbed a gas station there early Thursday morning.

Security cameras at the station caught the suspect entering the store and the picture is posted here. While there's some question whether the suspect has a mustache, there's no doubt about the team he chose to represent during his alleged criminal action.

The Cincinnati Enquirer story mentions the suspect's race, build, height, and even the fact that he was wearing jeans. What wasn't listed in the description is the fact that he was wearing an Ohio State sweatshirt. I guess that goes without saying when describing a suspect in a crime in and around Ohio.


Anonymous said...

I give up.. Too many morons out there. I only hope god shines his light on me today when I lazily surf the internet for Meecheeganders doing crime in the Michigan sweatshirt.

Anonymous said...

You want to see a crime? Check out this photo link:


Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

The suspect is also wanted for questioning in the theft of stereo equipment from Maurice Clarett's car.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

This is getting too easy.

I guess it's just a matter of time before prisons replace the orange jump suite with that Archie Griffin/Andy Katzenmoyer number 45 Ohio State jersey.

Matt S said...

Why does the timestamp show this happened 4/22/98?

cottoncandy said...

Why does it show a timestamp of 1998? Because its that hard to dig up dirt on OSU fans. Criminals wearing Michigan garb? Too many per hour to even make a list.

Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

More likely that tOSU fans are about 8 years behind the times. It's a current story; check the link (if you can figure it out).

COWolverine said...

Um, Benny, the description of the suspect in the last paragraph didn't bother with the OSU sweatshirt because that was the very first identifying characteristic mentioned - in the third sentence of the article.

The newspapers must know everyone is searching the web for criminals in OSU wear so they open with that information to make it easy to find.

Yost said...

Yeah, don't know why the timestamp is what it is, but, as someone else mentioned, the story is current. Follow the link.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that the video surveillance system isn't Y2K compliant?

Wow. I haven't said that word in a while.

statprof said...

tOSU basketball recruit arrested on suspicion of shooting a 55-year old jogger with a BBgun:


From Cleveland. Sports a pornstache:



Joshua said...

How in the hell do i get ahold of you guys? I have this link to Jen Sterger talking about how she was discovered "It's similar to how Pamela Anderson got discovered..."????!!! And a bit of a story about a Gerry Faust siting at a recent wedding.

oh, here's the Sterger link.

Joshua said...

And p.s.

I can't remember- did you play the flute, too? What's up with the hot band geeks?

Yost said...


Our email address on the main page, on the left.


Joshua said...


Forgive me for being blind, yet I still don't see an email address listed on the main page. And I'm sober, too!

Joshua said...

Nevermind- found it. Now where'd I put that Jack Daniels?

Jeremie said...

Ummm...Being a voice of (non)-reason: I really don't get why this stuff is so funny/incriminating/whatever. So a criminal was wearing OSU gear. So? Am I supposed to infer that all criminals in Ohio wear OSU gear? Or that all people in Ohio who wear OSU gear are criminals? The fact that this guy or pornstache guy or any person is wearing a team's athletic garb at the time of the crime essentially means...nothing. What exactly is the point of this? Am I supposed to gather that the athletic program is in some way endorsing the activities of these individuals?

If I get this right, the story goes like this:
a.) person is born
b.) at some point person comes into possession of OSU garb
c.) while wearing said garb person commits crime/felony/pretty gross perverted act.

So why does this in some way make fun of OSU or their fan base in general? I'm not getting the generalization part. Am I supposed to draw similar conclusions when person X does Y activity while wearing UM garb? Am I supposed to infer that person X's actions reflect on the entirety of the UM institution and/or fan base?

I don't make those assumptions because they are stereotypes and pre-judgments. It would be unfair to a large (and I think) rather decent fan base of UM to make those generalizations. So I don't make a connection between a criminal's activity and the clothes he or she wears at the time of the crime.

So my question again: what's the point of all this?

Yost said...


Point of all this is...

You're on a Michigan site.


Anonymous said...

i remembers seeing this story & the 'sweatshirt in question' actually says 'florida state' on it - FACT!

please continue on with the 'Criminoles' jokes!

Anonymous said...

They obsess on this stuff because it's more fun than 1) talking about their recent record vs. tOSU, and/or 2) the fact that UM's best days are behind them, circa 1997. Also, can't forget those beatdowns on the great Indian reservation teams back in the day, ya know. Them were the days.

Anonymous said...

hey anon, enjoy it while you can. These things tend to go in cycles.

Becky said...

Actually, I played the clarinet, but I'll accept the faulty memory if you're going to call me hot.

Now all I need is a pair of giant water balloons and a lobotomy, and I too can be famous a la Sterger!