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Friday, June 16, 2006

How could I have missed this excitement?

Gee, and I thought pissing off Buckeyes on the MZone created a cyber-firestorm. Ha! Who knew a post about soccer could spark so much vitriol on a college football site?

Yesterday, I put up a post expressing my dislike of soccer. World Cup or not, it bores me to death. One man's opinion (mine) on a blog (also mine).

Well, I was surpised to learn that because I don't like soccer, apparently I'm an ignorant redneck American who drives a pick-up truck and "can't drink for snot either."

Like I said, who knew?

I guess I just didn't realize the thrills I was missing. So I did some checking and boy was I wrong. I mean, looking at the results for Wednesday's clashes, I discovered that in Spain's 4-0 victory over Ukraine, Spain had 10 shots on goal, Ukraine had 2. In Germany's 1-0 thriller over Poland (after German hooligans clashed with police), Germany had 8 shots on goal, Poland had 3. Finally, the big Tunisia-Saudi Arabia 2-2 deadlock saw Tunisia having 2 shots on goal, Saudi Arabia with 5.

Wow. Almost five hours of soccer and six World Cup teams (the best of the best in the sport) produced a grand total of 30 shots on goal. Not 30 goals. Shots!

Pinch me, I can't stand the thrills.


Anonymous said...

You're not the only one. Soccer is boring. Period.

Trojan Mike said...

Viva Espana! I was glad to see Spain win. I was living in Spain in '82 when they hosted the World Cup. Didn't have a clue how big it was until I saw the whole country go nuts during the tournament. When Spain was playing, there wasnt a person or car on the street. I realized passion for soccer is a lot different outside the USA. But no way does it compare to a college football game, like when USC beat ND in the last second with that "Bush Push". When that happened, I pretty much turned into a crazed soccer-type fan. And I've shown off my nipples at a college football game, but didn't get the same reaction as the Brazilian chick in her yellow bikini.

allaha said...

The picture of the Brazilian player, uh, burying it deep in the Argentine backfield is classic.

I am indifferent to soccer, but clearly others are not. I am currently in Buenos Aires, and I have never seen anything like this: all four major networks are currently broadcasting the game against Serbia - Montenegro (which, by the way, is a country that no longer exists after Montenegro recently ratified their independence).

With due respect to Trojan Mike, the analogy to USC/ND is exaggerated -- unless the LA affiliates of ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX were each simultaneously showing the game live, in addition to each blocking out the two hours pre- and post- game to further broadcasts from the stadium. Phrased differently, that is each of the four major networks broadcasting 6 hours of coverage of the same 2 hour game -- AND THIS IS JUST THE FIRST ROUND! I cannot imagine what these people are going to do when the knockout stage begins.

Reed4AU said...

No way does the passion for soccer compare to a college football game?

As much as I love the game of college football, when's the last time the entire country shut down to watch any American sporting event? When's the last time 100,000 fans jammed cities' plazas acroos the country just to watch their team on a big screen with their fellow fans? When was the last time the entire country cancelled school so the students could watch their team play?

The passion that fans myself included show for college football is unequaled to any other American sport, however it still doesn't compare to the World Cup.

trojan mike said...

reed4au- I should have clarified in my post... "to me" nothing compares to college football. I was making the same point as you, actually. When I was in Spain when they hosted the world cup, everything in the country shut down just to focus on soccer. It's unbelievable, but I still say.. give me a good college football game to watch. I enjoy it much more. Hope I clarified my thoughts....

Anonymous said...

The Germany Poland 1-0 game was one of the more exciting games I have seen. Poland, who has never, ever beaten Germany in soccer (or in World Wars...they still remember that sort of thing) was just hoping for a tie. Germany was threatening the entire game, but Poland's goalie was keeping them out until a brilliant goal by Germany in the stoppage time (the soccer equivalent of a last second hail mary pass).

As for the fans getting into fights before the games, there was a report that the English hooligan fans were so organized with their fights that they got together with some fans of an opposing team a couple of days before the game for a "practice fight". Outstanding.

Anonymous said...

why do we always have to make comparisons?

The whole US would never shut down for a football game because our national team will never play an important game against another national team.

Apples to oranges.

Reed4AU said...

Since we don't hae a national football team, i'm assumning your talking about futbol. That said, don't say never we'll never play an important game. I have high hopes for our team in 2038 and we might even make the final game in 2054. Check back in the future to see if I'm correct.

I note on the first picture, if Agrentina plays as well as they did today those players roles will be reversed. A 6-0 ass whooping against anybody in the world cup is impressive.

Reed4AU said...

what's wrong with the homepage?
I can access all the other pages just not the first one.

Yost said...


Don't know. This is so damn frustrating. In process of contacting Blogger.


chuckwoods24 said...

Say what you want, I'd do Foudy.

Anonymous said...

Years ago I was in Europe and everyone was talking about soccer. I couldn't get over how something so boring was so big, until I remembered these same people also went crazy for fascism, socialism and the Lambada.

robert paulson said...

I feel sorry for sports fans in the rest of the world that don't have enough choices of sports to follow. In the US, nobody gets as worked up about any single sport because there is always a lot more to watch. Your NBA team didn't make the playoffs? Well, the NFL draft is around the corner. Then you can watch the Masters and US Open, etc. and then MLB is heating up. Then it's college football and NFL time, etc.

It must suck to have little to follow except soccer.

Kofi-Cup ANON said...

for once, I agree with yost.

The people who are soccer fanboys only play the "its popular elsewhere" angle which it LAME IMO. I don't like things becuase what others do. I saw that game today and it was poor IMO.

Kofi-Cup ANON said...

that is one reason why America is more relevent then most of these countries. We don't shut down for CFB or anything else as trivial.

If soccer was so great here like it is in Argentina then we would probably inherit their horrible economic situation etc. Or how about Mexico not being able to conduct a presidential election becuase of this? Also, what other alternative sports are there to compete with soccer? We have 4-5 huge sports in the US alone.

Not very productive.

cottoncandy said...

kofi-cup, that has to be the most rambling irrelevant explanations put together in the history of the internet. Soccer sucks because Mexican government is corrupt?
How's about going back and finishing high school.

Soccer's boring if you don't like it. Baseball is boring if you don't like it. The NBA is boring if you don't like it. NFL football is boring if you don't like it. Lacrosse is boring if you don't like it.