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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

"Gooooooo Raaaaaaaaiders!"

Folks, there is nothing quite like a drunk college football fan after his team wins a big game. And by nothing quite like it, we mean obnoxious...and funny as hell in the case of the clip below.

Texas Tech had just defeated Oklahoma on the last play of the game in Lubbock. In the tunnel after the game, Fox Sports Net was attempting to interview a Sooner player - "attempt" being the key word. Turns out, an apparently drunk (we hope) fan of the Red Raiders had other ideas...

(HT: SixDegreesOfBowden)

Note: For some reason, YouTube has flagged this video as potentially inappropriate. However, it's totally safe for work.


Anonymous said...

Yep, that about sums up Tech's fanbase. Loud, obnoxious, little brothers of the big 12.

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!!!! I paid to get into that thar game I can say whatever I want. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RAAAAAAAAAAIDERS!!!! HAHA the fact that he kept going was classy in itself but to have such a great and well thought out plan makes this guy my hero.

The King said...

The OU player was pretty classy considering the way that they got jobbed out of that game. That was one of the lousiest calls I've ever seen end a game.

slipknut85 said...

classic, that guy rules!

Benny Friedman said...

The thing I love about this, and what proves that it's funny, is that despite being pissed about losing the game, both the Oklahoma player and Chuck Long their offensive coordinator, are laughing about it when you know they felt like crap.

OSU45 said...

That is nothing. Come to the shoe and watch the interviews. I be thrownin shit and yelling mad f bombs. In 98 I threw coke on the band form the upper deck and nut tagged three M players as we stormed the field. The best thing about that game was that Bellasari owned you on special teams. I got major blunted and smashed two windows and dropped crazy science on some fools from up north. I was checking my athlon and saw all those second rate ohio players on our roster. No wonder you loose, you take the guys that could'nt cut it for JT. Your name is Kirby? You must hate our uncledaddy and sister cousin for naming ou that. Oh well I guess ou prolly make more then me as you did find a pretty good gay porn name. Yost on the other hand is becoming reallly whack with his smack. Come correct Yost. Im bout to start sonin you like I was your father. Speaking of fathers, Yost your pappy Sag McTitties(LLLLOYD) is looking like he needs a bro or a sweatervest with some support in it.
Anway I got to get back to hittin switches and bangin bitches. Till next november nefew, when the game will not matter again b/c you will no doubt have 3 losses already..
Stay up against South West Mizzouri St. or who ever the hell you are playing as tune ups, er, measuring sticks.
JAI EUGENE One love.
Heard a rumor Prescunt didn't come to OSU b/c Maurice was bangin his bitch, but we know it isn't true. He was just waiting on his pillow biting friend Mario to show up and play biscuit with.

Anonymous said...

OSU45, you are so hopelessly pathetic.

No really, i can't believe that you interrupt your library masturbation to post such drivel.

Fuck off and die.

Danny Boy said...

Go Raiders

Sean said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sean said...

Don't forget about the Texas Tech "bellringer".

harry hasselhoff said...

Osu45 - you ROCK man. Best shit ever. Keep on eatin' the "inbread" baby!