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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Gonna fly now

Notre Dame safety and punt returner Tom Zbikowski will fight at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night. When I first heard about Zbikowski fighting, I obviously was cheering for his opponent. But then I read that he'll be fighting Robert Bell, an Ohioan and Tosu fan who plans on wearing a Buckeye jersey into the ring. What a dilemma.

It's interesting that Zbikowski would be taking such a risk. He's a potential All-American for the Irish and is a projected second round pick in next year's NFL draft. Though there are some boxing experts who think he has a future as a boxer, based on his play last fall in Ann Arbor, I say he sticks with football.


Anonymous said...

To put it nicely Zbikowski got owned in the Fiesta Bowl along with the rest of Notre Dame's Secondary. I hope he's quicker in the ring.

Eric S. said...

Actually, that's a ridiculously untrue statement. Zbikowski saved no less than two touchdowns with tackles, and would have scored a third had Gonzalez not dropped the ball. So he's the reason they remained in the game; it's the rest of the team that got owned.

And as far as the fight goes, what schmuck would wear an OSU jersey into a boxing ring. #1 - Have you seen Tom Zbikowski? The dude looks like he could break your face just looking at you. And #2 - What the hell are you wearing a football jersey into a ring for in the first place? My money's on Zbikowski on this one. If I were a betting man, that is...

cottoncandy said...

Had Gonzales not dropped the ball, Zbikowski would have had nothing to score with. Zbikowski was owned. Passing yardage given up by Zbikowski and friends was 342 with another 275 on the ground. I guess you could say Zbiky stopped it from being 700 yards total.

Jeremie said...

*ahem* Sorry Buckeye fans, can't support you here. This Z fella was a shining light in ND's secondary, this guy essentially ran down every OSU player on the field including Teddy G. My jaw dropped when Z (two beers in and I don't feel like typing all those letters) ran down Holmes. That kid is fast. I hope for this boxer's sake that Z doesn't punch as well as he runs. The rest of the ND defense, yes, got owned; but this Z kid was dynamite.

Vince said...

Dumbasses in Bell's corner wore TOSU sweats...40 seconds later, Zibby wins.