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Friday, June 16, 2006

Don't leave home without it

MZone reader Richard has been working on the ultimate road trip guide for college football fans, MapGameDay.com. The site uses Google Maps to show where the stadium is, prime tailgating locations, can't miss food and tavern locations, as well as local hotels.

Richard's currently working on spotlights of the ACC schools, with the SEC next, starting with Alabama on June 20.

In an effort to make the site even better, Richard's asking for help. Do you know the best place to tailgate? How about the best burger on campus? Or the bar with the best TV setup to watch the games? Drop him a line and let him know.

I know I'll be checking out the site come November before the MZone staff roadtrip to Columbus. Richard, one suggestion - do you think you could include a map to a parking lot where my car with Michigan plates won't be targeted? And maybe a tailgate area where I won't have beer bottles thrown my way because I'm wearing maize and blue? Just wondering.


Anonymous said...

Or could you get him a map to a place where people stop whining.
"You gonna cry boy? We can go to MCDONALDS and get you a Waa-burger, and some french cries. Maybe you want a whinekin!!!!" Joe Dirt is a movie with life lessons at every turn. Life is a garden man Dig it!!!

Pants McPants said...

A place where cars with UM plates won't be targeted? BWAHAHAHAHA...

C'mon man, just break out your least favorite window so people will move on, assuming things have already been taken care of.

Seriously, though, I live within 15 minutes walking distance from the stadium and suggest parking in my neighboorhood, just south of Campus near W 5th Ave. You'll need to walk a bit to tailgate, but the car will be safe.

I'd also recommend bringing along an OSU shirt to put on in the unlikely event UM pulls out a win, because by 7pm there aren't going to be many sober people in good moods after such a game...

Anonymous said...

The best place for michigan fans to park before going to THE game at the 'shoe? try DETROIT!

its a long walk to the stadium from there, but your car will have a better chance of remaining in tact.

Anonymous said...

If you're that worried about your car you should probaply just rent one to make the drive. You're likely to end up with a car sporting neither an Ohio or Michigan tag. Also it'll make you less of a mark on 23 & 315 for Ohio's finest.