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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Congratulations to Us

It's been a wild ride for these past eight months at the MZone. What started as a place for a few friends to chat and joke about Michigan football has pretty much consumed our lives. We have no social lives, our jobs are hanging by a thread, and mom's about to kick us out of her basement and into the garage.

But it's all been worth it. And that was driven home to us yesterday when an anonymous reader from Madison Heights, Michigan became our 500,000th reader. Not only that, the guy stayed for almost 9 minutes and viewed 19 pages. So thanks Mr. Anonymous Madison Heights guy. And thanks to all the other 499,999 readers. We hope you've gotten your money's worth.


Anonymous said...

The sad part is he was a UW student looking for some those hot Michigan coeds.

cottoncandy said...

This is a GREAT site. The writing is very good and the humor is wickedly biting. I check it first thing every morning. You guys blow away many "professional" humor sites. Combining a love of Big 10 football and great writing, this is almost the best of all worlds. Keep up the good work.

Oh, yea, and . . . Fuck Michigan.

Nicole said...

Hey anon, read the whole thing. MADISON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN. Not Madison, WI.

And I'll second cc on all counts. I'm a fan of a rival school and I still check in on ya'll at least once a day. Way to go. Especially in 8 months. Kudos!

Harry Hasselhoff said...

No offense any of the other fine U-M blogs but MZone is by far the most entertaining of them all. Ok, sure a little lighter on Great work guys! Just don't get cocky and try any live-blogging.

harry hasselhoff redux said...

darn, that was supposed to say a little lighter on stats, but I'll take T&A over stats any day.

Yost said...

Thanks for all the kind words. We sincerely appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Even as a Penn State fan, I have to say I enjoy reading this site daily. Excellent writing, humor and plenty of disdain for the Buckeyes. Keep up the good work!

wds4usc said...

Congratulations! You are a great group and I've enjoyed reading, posting and bitching. Here's hoping for a million in short order!