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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Buckeyes Over Baghdad

These have been rough days for Ohio State. Well, not necessarily for Ohio State -- since the football team is considered a preseason number one by a few pundits -- just for folks who happen to be wearing some sort of Buckeye gear. From unemployed porn site user Mike Cooper being ruthlessly hunted by Carl Monday to Robert Bell taking a lightning fast beatdown from the furious fists of Tommy Zbikowski, the Buckeye logo has recently appeared at some rather, uh, unfortunate places.

But, thanks to the fine folks over at DEADSPIN, the Ohio State logo has caught a much needed break and finally made an appearance even we here at the MZone can support. Behold:

Since the M Zone has been rigorously piling on our scarlet and grey clad brethren, I figured it was time — if only for pity’s sake — to show another side of Buckeye fandom (consider this the M Zone equivalent of lowering Mike Cooper’s bail from $500,000 to $5,000). And more importantly, I want to wish a speedy and safe return home to Sgt. Knox (in the photo) and his fellow soldiers.

And here’s a suggestion for you Buckeye fans who stop by here from time to time and have the means to accomplish this: Should this young man be “back in the world” — Army talk for being in the U.S. — this fall, it would be really cool for someone to provide him and a few family members with complimentary tickets to The Game on 18 November. If not for his service to his country, then for providing that rare positive image of a Buckeye fan.

ED. NOTE: We agree with Baggy 100% here and even resisted the urge to add the following caption to the picture: "Haven't the Iraqi people suffered enough?" All kidding aside, it's pictures like this that should make us all -- Bucks and Wolverines alike -- appreciate how fortunate we are to be debating college football in the blogosphere while folks like Sgt. Knox are putting their lives on the line day in and day out. A sincere thanks to him and his fellow soldiers.


Bill said...

How about we set up a Pay Pal account to send Cpl Knox to the game ourselves?

Can we really expect a Bucknut to do a man's job?

Anonymous said...

Like the Pay Pal idea. Thanks for posting this story and picture. Our men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan deserve all the respect and admiration we can give them. And the fact that you're honoring a Buckeye shows, once again, that Michigan Wolverines are among the classiest football fans in the country.

Anonymous said...

I saw the picture and expected a slew of senseless comedic violence, but you have proved that you all are very classy. Thanks from a Buckeye Faithful.

Yost said...

You're welcome, Anon. I have a lot of respect for these guys. We're all on the same team as far as this goes.

Joshua said...

I'm all about that paypal slush-fund. Tremendous idea.

Anonymous said...

if there was something classy in there, it was surrounded by constant reminders of the tired 'buckstache' campaign.

Yost said...

It's only tired if you're a Buckeye fan, Anon. Which...

Anonymous said...

Members of Lima Company were introduced via the PA and given a standing O at last fall's OSU-Illini game. Thanks to all of these great guys and GO BUCKS.