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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Buckeye Roommates

Ohio State: You come for the world-class education and culture of Columbus, but you stay for the life-long friendships you make in the dorm...


Benny Friedman said...

Did I spot a Buckstache on her?

The King said...

That was pretty much exactly as I always pictured life in the seventh circle of Hell.

I mean the dorms at OSU. Tomato/tomahto.

Herringbone said...

Buckstache's are primarily sported by females in Ann Arbor, or they generally fall into the category of "Fat Chick in Draper Jersey." While I question the sanity of the person posting that video on the YouTube, I can always count on you guys for a good laugh(Awesome that the Buckstache has made the Urban Dictionary). Now King on the other hand...doesnt sound like he has left his basement since the Cuban Missile crisis, but that is another post on the M-Zone altogether. If you are looking for the Seventh Layer of Hell, look no further than Mt. Elliott or Mound Street in the Rock City. If that episode happens there, people die and are buried underneath squatter's houses. But I digress....

Anonymous said...

Come to the Michigan Football forum thinking you might read about UM football, but stay for the strange obsession on all things Ohio State no matter how remote or disconnected to football. Now I know how UM fans felt looking at Ohio State fans during the John Cooper era. You must be looking at another bad season or else you might actually have something to say about UM football. A smattering of Ohio State jokes was amusing but you've moved into the obsession category. Lose focus much?

Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

Anon 1:29-

Oh, would you rather talk about last Saturday's game? Oh, wait, it's June.

I would tend to think it's a matter of keeping momentum going without much material (except for the continuous Buckstache/"inbread" tOSU stuff.

tc said...

......and yet another Buckeye fan astonished by the content posted here. That was funny shit. I'm surprised that little white girl is still alive. Well, I think she is.

Anonymous said...

the content of this video is not a 'Buckeye' or 'Wolverine' thing - ah no, it's a much bigger thing that that!

- not really the forum to get into that though.

Anonymous said...

Well if that girl was going to do anything I am pretty sure it would have went down right there.
"She should be dead" is yet another quote I will incorporate into my daily life.

TideInTx said...

Let me guess, she is not an English Major.

St. Simons Island Nole said...

That chick who spit in her face was hot.

Charlie Bauman's Sore Face said...

I'm glad to see that Mo's little sister, Shaniqua Clarett, is getting along nicely with the little suburban white chicks in the Tosu Dorms. Shaniqua was just flipping out because she was feeling the pressure of her “Black History 101” oral exam that was scheduled for the next day.

Good thing that Santonio's little sister, Shanaynay Holmes, was out getting her hair braided during the incident, or there would have been some Reginald Denny style ass-whooping going down.

Anonymous said...


doesn't have any race issues, i'm sure!


Reed4AU said...

I think she was just hungry

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs a hug..........and if that doesn't work shoot her with an elephenat tranquilizer gon.

Yost said...

Anon 1:29,

As CSLW2L said, sorry we don't have 5 lengthy posts on college football the last week in June here. Really.

Then again, you get what you pay for.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly how all Ohio State forums and Web sites obsessed and made fun of Michigan in the nineties when they were getting owned on a yearly basis.

Nothing wrong with the Buckeye bashing and mockery. It's hilarious and totally normal when you cannot beat them at any sport anyone cares about. Plus it's cyclical - as soon as Michigan starts beating OSU again the mustache will be on the other foot, uh, what?

Yost said...


I hear you but respectfully disagree. If anybody thinks we wouldn't be putting up these same posts IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SUMMER, they're wrong.

Put it this way, even if we were 5-0 against the Bucks the last few years, when some guy wearing his Ohio State best gets caught spanking it in the library, we will put a post up about that. Always.

Anybody who thinks we won't, well, you're reading the wrong blog.

Yost said...

PS I don't seem to recall many Buck fans saying we were "off topic" or "obsessed" when we put up the hot Ohio State chick doing her little strip tease on the webcam. I'm just saying.

jim masterson said...

I see tosu has a first class speech & public speaking dept. What a disgrace. Racist I think not.It is what it is. By the way don't they have residents to oversee each dorm. Boy that looked & sounded like something out of Dante's Inferno. Scary.

mhentz said...

Where I'm from we call that marriage.

Anon.4 said...

It is nice to see that there will be another angry black woman in the future for a tired blakc man to deal with. Check out this link:


Danny Boy said...

Unless I'm mistaken, somebody spit in her mutherfuckin face.

Reed4AU said...

She could be a starting defensive tackle for any school, except a big east school. As you know the big east doesn't actually play football so they wouldn't need her.

Charlie Bauman's Sore Face said...

The verdict is in: affirmative action is working at our colleges and universities. This is the academic atmosphere that parents envision when they pay huge $$ to send their kids to a major university.

Papa Steve said...

Charlie Bauman's Face.....

How you translate that incident into a dig on affirmative action, I will never know. You obviously have some pretty serious bias problems in terms of skin color and such.

Let's look at what happened:
1. Skinny little redneck bitch spits in another girl's face
2. Girl gets upset and goes on a verbal tirade, but restrains herself from kicking the shit of said little redneck bitch (which is more than I can say I would be able to do in the same situation).
3. A bunch of people come down on the African-American girl like she did something wrong, based on her accent and the fact that she's overweight.

Nicely done.

Would you have felt the same way if the girl who got spit on was skinny and had French accent?

What would you do if someone spit on you? Would you say 'awww golly that's okay. I'll just wipe it off and forget about it?' I think not.

In terms of affirmative action, I wouldn't want to send my daughter somewhere that people felt it was okay to spit on them and if it was up to me I would try to implement a program called Redneck Action that helped to exclude ignorant, backwoods, racist, hayseeds from attending all but the worst schools, as they are simply a waste of space in an intellectual/educational setting.

Anonymous said...


you must be black.

CrimeNotes said...

I think Charlie Bauman's face is sore from the white sheet that's been chafing his skin.

As soon as I saw the video I figured the comments were going to devolve into a Real World-like effort to educate one or two bigots in the comments.

Papa Steve said...


Actually quite the opposite. I'm a white, blonde haired, green-eyed, corn-fed gringo from Michigan.

I just think it sucks that people can justify a double standard whereby they think an African-American girl should somehow be accepting of being spat on and that it should reflect poorly on Affirmative Action that she doesn't just take it.

It is a much easier case to make that some in-bred white girl who feels the need to spit on people should be the one preclluded from an education.

I went to U of M and had a few friends from the deep south who were very smart, but used a lot of "y'alls" and such when they talked. He and she didn't talk like me and their English is technically incorrect, but it doesn't make them stupid.

TideInTx said...

Papa Steve, I must take exception with your attack on the ignorant, backwoods, redneck, hayseeds. We are not all racist. If you don't believe my qualifications to speak on behalf of said group just check out my picture on the latest M Zone Caption Contest.

Anonymous said...

Papa Steve, I guess I watched a different video than did. Because in the one here, I didn't actually SEE anybody spit in anybody's face.

I heard one girl SAY it happened but that's it.

I did see the "skinny little redneck bitch" wiping something off her face at the end when she's confronted by the other girl but that's as close to spitting as I actually SAW.

Your comments are almost as ignorant as Charlie's racist remarks in that you think you're so morally superior yet they show a completely different bias just as uncalled for.

Anonymous said...

you have just entered the 'M'orality Zone!

damnit - i love this sort of stuff!

Charlie Bauman's Sore Face said...

I guess I should have known that any comment that is critical of a non-white person would give a guy like Papa Steve the opportunity to mount the soapbox and prove to the world how evolved, sensitive and open minded he is.

Is that game against Vanderbilt coming up soon?

Anonymous said...


All papa steve did was call you out for being the racist dumbass that you are. Only someone like you can take this video, which has no obvious racial overtones to it, and somehow turn it into a bitchfest about affirmative action and an opportunity to bring up racist sterotypes. And all because one of the people involved in the conflict is black. Because, you know, God forbid a person would actually get even slightly upset that somebody else spit in their face.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that the video depicted some white chick lashing out and screaming foul langauage in the faces of a bunch of black chicks, the cries of racism would be rampant. However, the reverse is acceptable.

Glad to see that some college football fans are actually stoneless, self-loathing white apologists that are so paralyzed with political correctness that they can't see straight. Whaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh...

Papa Steve said...

Tideintx - I qualified the redneck comment with ignorant and racist..so the folks you refer to aren't included in my comments at all. No offense intended there and as I mentioned I have a lot of friends from the South and backwoods areas elsewhere that classify themselves as rednecks and they are not in the least bit racist. I suspect tide that you aren't of that ilk, so no need to lump yourself in there.

So Anon and Charlie - what? Do you think the girl just got the idea in her head that she was going to go off on this other girl for spitting in her face for absolutely no reason? Can't you see just how biased that makes you? That you can actually watch that video and just automatically come to the opinion that:
1. The black girl is lying
2. The black girl should know her place and simply allow herself to be spit on
3. The white girl couldn't possibly be at fault in that scenario

Suuuuure. I'm the one that is biased and a white apologist. LOL. Your ability to draw that conclusion contrary to all the evidence just shows that you can't see very well through the little holes in your funny white dunce hat with the cross on it.

If you notice in the vid, the white girl doesn't make any attempt to deny spitting on the other girl. It doesn't take a genius to surmise that if she hadn't done so and there was someone twice her size about to kick her ass for it, that she might be saying something like 'I did not', or 'It was an accident'. She just stands there with a shit-eating grin on her face, which to me says it all.

For you to call me politically correct is laughable. I loathe the entire PC movement more than you can possibly know b/c it is a bunch of people trying to make themselves out to be victims of some imagined prejudiced mostly because they are just too wussy to deal with any amount of attrition. Nice try though. I know that you probably need to polarize viewpoints into a simplistic us/them, black v. white, whatever v. whatever so that you can understand things on some level. I'm also sure that to you everyone that points out your racist mentality is somehow a card carrying political correctness Nazi, which allows you to keep your blinders on. If I hate PC people/the PC movement for one thing, it is for giving neanderthals like yourself so much fodder for justifying your ignorance because their 'cause' is ridiculous.

Let's just be clear about something...being against racism isn't politically correct, it is simply intelligent. It isn't an issue of morality, as I don't know any ground upon which you can make a morally defensable argument in favor of it. If you have one, I'm all ears.

Uhm...I didn't start this. You did. You should have 'known that someone would get on a soapbox to prove something about themselves' b/c you were 'critical of a non-white person'? Laughable again. You weren't 'critical of a non-white person', you posted on a public forum that she was stressed out about her 'black history 101' class, you used deragotory cliche names and then took a dig at Affirmative Action'....all b/c someone girl that you don't even know was upset when someone spit in her face. S'cuse me, but that isn't 'being critical of a non-white person' that is slandering all black people and your comments make no bones about indicating that somehow they don't belong in a university environment with white people. Goll darnit, we never shoulda gotten rid-o that segregation. Evr'thang has been so durn bad since they let them uppities inta our schools!

Like it or not, Affirmative Action exists b/c of people like you.

So...by your logic let's look at things another way. Suppose the situation really was reversed and the white girl comes around the corner yelling that the black girl had spit in her face and was throwing a fit in the same manner, but with a French accent. Based on that evidence, where does your tiny little mind go in terms of opinion? That's right, it doesn't go to 'Those French people don't belong in our universities' does it? I'm also guessing that you wouldn't be questioning whether or not the black girl ACTUALLY spit in the French girls face b/c we didn't ACTUALLY see it in the video. I'm guessing you would be ok with believing that it actually occured in that situation. Correct?

I have no interest in proving anything about myself on this board. No one here knows me. No one here will ever meet me or know who I am so there is no benefit in responding to your racist slurs.

I will ALWAYS respond to people the perpetuate racism. I will always call you out, no matter where or how you spread your tiny minded ideas. If you don't want to hear about it, don't slam black people in a public forum, go somehwere like www.kkk.com where people will welcome you with open arms and a fresh, white sheet.

CrimeNotes said...

Amen, Papa Steve. I hope these bigots didn't attend my university.

In an effort to be topical, I'm going to assert that if Henne spits on Hart, Hart gets to go nuts on him.

I'm a Realist said...

I don't mean to be a negative nancy, but does anyone stop to wonder why the little white person spit upon the large African-American person? And you may say that spitting on someone is never justified, but wouldn't that also be true of death threats?

Besides, you are all missing the point of this post...Tosu is deserving of ridicule at every possible opportunity.

Papa Steve said...


Yes if Henne spits on Hart...Henne goes down and before I am accused of being politcally correct and a biased apologist...vice versa.

Realist - I hear you and I have no doubt that there was some bad blood before this specific incident and, as in most cases, both parties were at fault. Regardless of provocation, anyone can understandably be upset at being spit upon, however, please don't misinterpret my comments to indciate that I think the black girl in the situation has much to be proud of either.

Two moronic college freshman making asses of themselves in front of a camera should be just that and nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Papa Steve, since I'm the "Anon" who wrote the comment I think you're referring to, let me see if I get this straight:

I ask where you actually SEE anybody spitting in anyone's face, question your version of the event BASED ON WHAT CAN BE PROVEN by the video and how do you respond? By lumping me in with Charlie's racist comments.

Shame on you.

What on earth was even remotely racist in my response to your initial holier-than-thou diatribe? I find Charlie's - or anybody's racist comments -disgusting. Yet your attempt at moral superiority by interpreting the video in a completely different way - though just as out of left field as Charlie's - and being called on it brings forth a condemnation of those who point that out as "racist."

You have no idea what ACTUALLY happened between the "skinny little redneck bitch" and her apparent roommate. I have NO IDEA what happened BASED ON WHAT I SAW - on either side. But neither do you. Anything is just a GUESS.

Yet your reference to the girl as "skinny little redneck bitch" says a lot about you just as Charlie's racist comments say a lot about him. I simply pointed that out.

But obviously, in your own small-mind-which-THINKS-it's-actually-big, that makes me and anybody else who calls your "reasoning" flawed a racist.

Yeah, you're real enlightened.

Anonymous said...

Papa Steve, just read your other comment and here we agree: two freshman morons are just that and nothing more.

Papa Steve said...


Well....technically, because there are several posts by 'anons' you can't 'technically' know who I am referring to in my statements, but it is reasonable to infer from my comments that I am.

That is the same thing I am doing with the video. Technically, I don't see anyone spit on anyone, but I can reasonably infer from what occurs that it took place.

I did actually respond directly to your comments by indicating that I DID look at the video critically and was concluding from the evidence there that the white girl DID actually spit on the other girl and I believe that is supported based on what I saw in the video. It actually looks to me like the white girl set this up and went around the corner to spit on the black girl and had someone waiting with a running camera in order to capture her tirade. This would explain why she has a grin on her face and doesn't make any attempt at denying the claim that she spit on the other girl. That is the conclusion I draw from watching it. I don't think that is a biased interpretation from 'left field' and certainly a more reasonable and substantiated one than that held by Charlie.

Based on that conclusion, I did call her a skinny little redneck bitch, b/c she could spit on someone and smile about it....all race issues aside. I would have done the same had she spit on a white/orange/purple girl and therefore this reverse bias that you want to pin on me is pure fantasy. Any way you slice it, anyone that spits in someone else's face is hardly any bastion of class and intellect. Certainly, she isn't any more deserving of a university education, as Charlie would indicate.

I will actually retract the redneck part of that statement though, as I have no idea as to whether she is or not. The skinny bitch part I am rather sure of and will stand behind it.

To be clear, there is a HUGE difference between looking at the video and making overt racist statements without provocation and responding to those statements and calling the girl in the video

Also, to be clear. I was not responding to or debating what actually happened in the video. I was responding to explicitly racist comments posted on this board that are wrong no matter what you believe happened or didn't happen in the video. If you come on a forum and start backing someone like Charlie up, you should be prepared to share a bed with them.

So, should you be lumped in with Charlie? Probably not and I do apologize if I went overboard in that respect, but I do think you are being pretty spurious if you can watch that video and have any doubt. It is hard to separate all the comments from anons and if some were unfairly attributed to you, my bad.

As for me being 'holier-than-thou' .......whatever. I don't ever remember patting myself on the back or making any attempt at self aggrandizement, so you are off base there as well. Are you saying that anyone that responds to a racist in a public forum is a politically correct, holier-than-thou soap box preacher? You are welcome to that opinion, but I will still respond and call a racist a racist every time and everywhere I see it.

Let me ask you this...are you okay with what Charlie wrote? Do you think that is acceptable? Regardless of what you think about the video segment, do you feel like his comments are appropriate statements to make on a college football board? If it is so far fetched to consider that you might be racist, then why would you show up here and start arguing the semantics of my comments and 'flawed logic' rather than make an indication that you think his comments are racist and get on his case. Seriously, i want to know...what do you think of his statements?

In my opinion, if you close your eyes and hum a nice tune while people spout that sort of crap, then you are complicit and much more a part of the problem than the solution.

Charlie Bauman's Sore Face said...

I posted the initial comments merely to poke fun at Tosu.

Mo Clarett was administered an oral exam at Tosu in order to raise his GPA - the subject was "Black History" (I’m not making this up, research it). Santonio Holmes was recently arrested for the 2nd time for beating the shit out of his baby's momma (in addition to the disorderly conduct arrest for causing mayhem in Columbus with his drinking buddy Troy Smith in 2003).

I guess I wrongly assumed that most Michigan fans on this blog were knowledgeable and knew of these Tosu incidents (especially since the Holmes incident was only about a week ago) and that they could find humor in someone fabricating that the little sisters of these Tosu bad boys were causing trouble of the same variety (I can’t believe I actually have to explain this, how weak).

After it was obvious that you were going to snivel and cry racism, I couldn’t help but toss out the “affirmative action” comment to work you into a complete frenzy. My advice: switch to decaf.

Anonymous said...

I think that girl came to our band camp. I'm pretty sure she was the one camped out by the Kool Aid container.

CrimeNotes said...

If anything's been learned from this, it's that race-baiting anonymous commentors on a football blog that linked to YouTube have an awesome sense of humor and know how to make a joke. Fellow non-racists, take note.

CrimeNotes said...

Also, that we have caffeine to thank for taking offense at racist stereotypes. Who knew?

Charlie Bauman's Sore Face said...

Sorry - I felt that saying "switch to decaf" was nicer than saying something like "get a fucking sense of humor you whimpering, PC, limp-wristed, self-righteous douche bags". But that wouldn't be very sensitive.

Michigan vs. Vanderbilt - 64 long days away.

Papa Steve said...

Nice try charlie. I know you now want to try to cast your comments as an innocent joke after the fact....and suuuuure your affirmative action comment was simply an attempt at working people who called you out into a frenzy. We all believe you. It hardly accounts for all your comments and cliche names, etc.

You know what you posted. You know what you are. You know what you think. Nuff said.

Sniveling and whimpering are the people who sit on their thumbs and don't say anything when someone like you slurs another race.

Charlie Bauman's Sore Face said...

You caught me - a guy like you is obviously way too smart to get sucked into a serious debate with a guy who was just being sarcastic...umm, sure…

This whole discussion is the equivalent of you stepping onto your porch day after day and stomping out a burning bag of dog poo – yes, papa steve, you are most certainly saving the entire neighborhood from burning down with your heroic efforts.

Papa Steve said...


Yeah right, that is exactly what I am trying to do.

I guess that makes you a flaming bag of poop then.

Charlie Bauman's Sore Face said...

No, you silly MF'er. I'm the kid leaving the bag on the porch and then sneaking around back socializing with your daughter while you are on the front porch stomping on dog shit.

You should spend more time trying to comprehend analogies and and less trying to be a model ACLU member.

Papa Steve said...

Ah Charlie. Your word choices once again demonstrate your ability to lower the bar in terms of class and taste. 'M'fer....limp-wristed...douche bag....socialize with your daughter'...
Everything you write serves very well in confirming your rather base mentality. You really are a lot like a monkey in a zoo that isn't good for much except screeching and hurling your own feces beyond the bars of your cage at a world that you can't comprehend on anything but the most simple of terms.

I can just picture you now telling your friends 'Yuk, yuk...thenz I toldz 'em that he was a douche bag (snort...snicker) and that I wuz gonna sneak around t'house and so-see-uh-lize with his dawter after I putz a flaming bag of dog poop awn his porch'.

Clap, clap, clap. I applaud your originality. I can see why you consider yourself to have such a keen mind when you can produce jewels like that. Impressive. Gemnius. You should be very proud. You DO know that a thesaurus isn't a dinosaur?

I'm obviously not the only person on this forum that thought your comments were offensive, so I guess the whole world is just a bunch of PC, holier-than-thou, limp-wristed, douche bag m'fers that are unable to understand you and your complex ways. It must be hard for you. Myself and the others on this board just misinterpreted your racial slurs and I am sure you don't have any race issues at all. How we got the opinion that you were anything but an intelligent and well adjusted person is beyond me. A mystery.

In terms of your analogy, if I say you are the flaming bag of poop, then you ARE the flaming bag of poop. Interesting that in your interpretation of your own analogy that you are a kid, which I have suspected all along. Whether in chronological years or developmental isn't really important.

I'm glad that you think the ACLU is a bad idea too. Tell me exactly why being a model member would be a bad idea?

Keep screeching and hurling your feces Chaz, someday the world might look at the spatters and call it art.

utah said...

Hey all you holier-than-thou dumbfucks and MLK wannabes I have a question for you. Maybe someone already asked this-I kind of skipped a good portion of the drivel when papa and charlie started their racial rhetoric bullshit-did anyone stop to think why the "redneck" spit in the "poor persecuted" black chick's face? I watched the video a number of times and I saw nothing that addressed why the spitting occured in the first place. All I saw was the chicks coming around the corner and the portly one screaming incoherently. Typical bleeding heart whitey trying to score points with black friends you don't have: get thrown into the middle of a situation with no background but we do know a white person and a black person are having an altercation. Blame it on whitey first. Black people can do no wrong.
I do admit that the video casts a bad light on the screamer. She looks and sounds like some dumbass dropout the likes of which are common guests on Springer. I have a hard time looking at it objectively because of this. But to just out and say it's whitey's fault because she spit in tubby's face without knowing why she did is stupid.
Believe me, papa, the NAACP isn't going to give you any awards and blacks aren't going to flock to your myspace page to be your friends because of your rhetoric.

Papa Steve said...


Congratulations for coming in under the bar set by charlie. You should be so proud of yourself.

You are even more amusing with your little tirade b/c you couldn't actually even read a little bit of text to be fully informed before your little brain started squirting and farting all over the place. So typical from people of your ilk that you want to worry about who did what in the video tape and whimper about who started it like a little kid fighting with their sibling.

I'm going to guess you get yer newz from that ther TeeVee with an occasional glance at the headlines in USA today which is written at a 3rd grade level for people just like you. Beeg peectersh too!

You should actually read all the posts instead of jumping straight onto the dumbass bandwagon (I know that it goes slow for you and that you have to move your lips a lot, but try it...maybe someday you can get up to completing a whole book and get that GED you have been after).

My comments were directed at Charlie who turned a video of TWO dumbass TOSU freshman into a set of racial slurs and a publicly posted theory that perhaps this is the result of affirmative action and that is what happens when you let blacks into universities with whites. That's what I have a problem with and I hardly think that makes me a bleeding heart.

If you can muster a few brain cells to read the other comments, you would see that I think both girls look like morons and neither one comes off as having much to be proud of..regardless of who spit on who, who started it, who was to blame, whatever. The fact that two people of any color that are of college age actually digress into a situation where they are spitting at each other and doing whatever it is that was done to provoke it (surely the white girl didn't just decide to go spitting on someone, so of course there is some kind of history). Neither of them is oppressed, they are just both idiots.

So I'm going to slow it down for you so you can understand: It doesn't matter to me who actually did what and started what in the video and to argue about it simply puts you at the same 3 year old level as the people in it. Again...I don't think anyone in the video is right..they both suck. However, Charlie felt the need to turn it into a rationale for denegrating blacks and to post for all the world to see exaclty how he feels about black people being in universities. Go ahead and back him up, you are keeping some great company.

Yawn. Yeah, right...I'm trying to get a bunch of black people to come to a MySpace page that I don't have that I didn't post any reference to so I can try to be friends with people I will never contact nor meet. So explain to me exactly how I am 'scoring points' in any way and how I am going to benefit from this personally? Sometimes people just have convictions and stand up for them no matter what. If he is free to post bigoted comments, I am free to respond and always will despite the fact that I have yet to hear from the NAACP about my award and no one thus far has compared me to MLK.

You stick with that Us vs. Them thing you got going out there in Utah and keep it simple so you can get a graps on things. Try not to think too much and for Dog's sake don't ever start reading.

utah said...

Great post, Steve. As usual, long winded too. I did go back and read all the posts between your little spat with Charlie and our altercation. You seem to think poorly of the ACLU. Good for you. Most sane thinking people do. Affirmative action has gone the same way as the ACLU.
I still stand behind most of my comments. You seem to think that the longer the post with more "big" words (a damn lot of them misspelled in your case) makes you intellectually superior. I took Charlie's posts for what they were: a sarcastic joke on a blog meant for (the most part) comedic views on various issues. You jumped up onto your soapbox and got slammed for it. Get over yourself.
I could get into the war of who's got more brain cells and degrees from which college but then I'd be lowering myself to your level. I'd just rather not underestimate the person I'm talking to.

Papa Steve said...

Uhm..Utah, I DON'T think the ACLU is a bad idea...I DO think fluffy PC causes are. And no, most sane people don't think the ACLU is a bad idea, just the ones that live in the sticks and aren't well informed. Reading comprehension skills. Get some.

I don't think affirmative action has 'gone' anywhere. As long as people like Charlie exist, it is essential to even the playing field, unless you are naive enough to think racism has been abolished, or you think it is just okay to give a whole race of people the shit end of the stick all the time. Convenient when you are a white male, but sucks for anyone who is not. I love it when people go off on aff. action and act as if some horrible injustice has been done to white people they just can't get a break in this country. Black people (amongst others) are denied jobs, advancement and opportunity every day due to an inherent inherent racism like that in Charlie's comments. This occurs on a much larger scale than affirmative action could ever address. Just imagine Charlie as a hiring manager at a company with three candidates in front of him; white male, black male, black female. You can throw qualifications out the window....you know who is getting that job.

Just b/c one dumbass defended his bigoted comments and you have jumped in to aid him hardly constitutes me being 'slammed' and objecting to those comments doesn't put me on a soapbox. Everyone else on this board found his comments offensive and inappropriate. Read the comments yet again.

If you can't see why Charlie's comments are wrong for a college football board, then I am sorry for you. They go far beyond a simple jab at TOSU and far from being merely a 'sarcastic' joke or a 'comedic viewpoint'. To a white male from (I'm assuming) Utah, it may not mean much, but what if a 12 year old boy is reading that? What does that teach him? Especially if that boy happens to be black? Is that fair that he comes here to check up on his team and he gets slapped in the face and told that he and his kind don't belong in a university? You are lucky you don't live in a society where you are in the minority and the deck is stacked against you (except for that affirmative action thing, of course) from the day you are born, but you should at least be able to open your eyes to those that do. I think Charlie should keep those views to himself, or post them on a board where the topic is affirmative action, politics, white supremacy, the fourth reich, whatever. Please explain to me again just how you justify posting about affirmative action and the curse of black people in white universities on a board dedicated to UM College football?

I can understand why you think 7 paragraphs is long winded. Read my earlier comments....again.

BTW - typos aren't misspellings and the day I start proofreading posts to a college football board is a long way off.

Herbert West said...

Haha bunch of Michigan bitches arguing. I like how a lame stab at OSU just turned into a couple of morons breaking off the keys on their keyboard trying to write a retort. You guys all deserve eachother.