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Friday, June 30, 2006

Best Tackle by a Spartan Since '87

The scene: Camp Randall Stadium. Bucky Badger had swiped the Spartan flag when one of Sparty's finest goes into action and takes down Bucky with a tackle that would have had Chris Spielman drooling with praise (and make sure to listen to the crowd's reaction - it sums up the scene perfectly).

Unfortunately as you saw, it was by one of their cheerleaders, which pretty much sums up their football program over the past 20 years.


BaggyPantsDevil said...

Two comments on this:

1)Stuff like that is what makes college football the best sport EVER.

2) Why is that guy a cheerleader? He could easily be the Spartans' leading tackler.

Doug said...

Notice, though, that even after the takedown, it looks like Bucky the Badger regroups pretty quickly -- he looks like he's right on the verge of giving the MSU cheerleader a red-assed beatdown right before the rest of the cheer squad rushes over and pulls them off of each other. I'd be willing to bet that had the rest of the team not raced in, that cheerleader would've ended up with the State flag planted right in his solar plexus.

Anonymous said...

I remember this, the reaction of the crowd is just awsome!

Spartan Bob said...

The tackle was indeed praiseworthy, but don't sell the crafty rodent mascot short. Is there a video of how he ended up with that flag? I suspect this would be equally entertaining.

Yost said...


Would love to see that as well if it is out there.

Papa Steve said...

That rocks. I only wish I had been there in person.

Did I see the Badge throwing some haymakers at the end of that with his big furry paws?

Anonymous said...

It's great to see Bucky be put in his place!

Nicole said...

doug's got it right here. Bucky would have layed this guy out if he hadn't been stopped. If for no other reason than those guys in the Bucky suit are probably the most ripped ones out there. Bucky does a pushup for every point every time Wisconsin scores. Last year's Temple game, at 55-0, was absolutely hilarious.

Anonymous said...

After watching the video, I have a suggestion to Yost. Perhaps another M-Zone showdown, this time between the MSU male supporter, and any member of the Spirit Squad, the hot new "it" stable in WWE. Very similar on paper, both wear green and white, are annoying, and can give some pretty mean shots.


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