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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Behold...The Buckstache T-Shirt!

Yesterday, we put up a post about "The Buckstache" - our new name for the mustache in honor of the recent spate of facial-hair-loving Tosu fans, players and players-to-be getting in trouble with the law for a variety of offenses. We also created a mock design of what a "Buckstache" logo might look like.

Well, based on your comments and emails inquiring about it, you can now purchase your very own "Buckstache" gear in t-shirt, hat, magnet or sticker form.

On the tee, the Buckstache logo is on the front and "Beware the Buckstache" is written on the back. As for the Buckstache hat? It's trucker style. Naturally.

To get one of these dandies for you or that special Buckeye in your life so that his clothing can match his (or her) facial hair, check out our CafePress store.


BK said...

Does the price of the shirt/cap have any special meaning?

Yost said...

Nice catch, BK. We wondered if anyone would notice that little inside joke.

Anonymous said...

As a Buckeye I am outraged by this. In other words, keep up the good work.

ps I am going to grow a 'stache and steal your car. It's plan that can't fail.

Maize n Brew Dave said...

Dear god, that's awesome.

I'm sending ten to my Ohio relatives who will have no idea what they mean. Beautiful.

The King said...

I still think there should be a small white break between the stache and the O, to set the stache out more.

cottoncandy said...

We couldn't get better advice on how a mustache should look than from you King. Jalen Rose, he had a mustache when he was overheard by the FBI at that crackhouse, didn't he?

Benny Friedman said...

Boy, you're really reaching back into the archives for that one, aren't you, Cotton? And it's shocking - SHOCKING - that someone who grew up in Detroit might have been in a crack house at some point. By the way, what were the charges against Jalen then? Or ever?

cottoncandy said...

So all Detroit residents are likely to hang out in crack houses. Nice. Sounds a bit racist to me.

Anonymous said...

Yes...YES, Cott'n...that's EXACTLY what Benny was saying. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

jeesh - and i thought i waste a lot of time.

to actually take the time to put these things out there - unbelievable.

take a step outside - it's summer for crying out loud!!

Yost said...


You do waste a lot of time. Not only are you reading this site but you're taking the time to criticize it in the comments section.

As for it being summer and the need to go outside, uh where are you sitting as you write your witty "wasting time" comment?

mmbones said...

Twenty dollars for a $2 iron-on transfer on a $4 shirt? And why no text?

That said, I ordered three stickers.

Yost said...

Not up to us, mmbones. CafePress takes $14 per shirt. Period. So we only get just under $6 a shirt.

Also, it's not iron on, it's "direct transfer" which is fancy shirt lingo for "better than iron on."

And there is text on the back.

Brickeye said...

I've been gone for a bit from here and I come back and you made freakin T-shirts of the 'stache. I approve. I may order one just for giggles.

Yost said...

It's all in good fun, Brick.

Anonymous said...

i think you have to put pictures of all the criminals on the back and have a small go blue at the bottom.

PHX Buck said...

Shouldn't the price be $25.21?

Yost said...

We'll take that PHX Buck. As long as it's not $.41

LeBlog said...

to be honest i think this shirt is pretty hysterical and i am indeed a buckeye.

any thoughts on a carl monday shirt or possibly carl monday towel for umm..waving

stacheroo said...

I thought the buckstache was hilarious, until i recently saw picture of adrian arrington. so did he grow the stache pre-crime, or should everyone have seen crime afoot with the present stache?



riley said...

woooow that is the gayest thing that michigan has ever come up with, it dosent even make sense.
o and your right Jim Tressel does = GOD! lol