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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

World's Largest _______

Orson over at EDSBS is mighty pissed about the recent campaign to stop calling the yearly Florida-UGA showdown in Jacksonvile "The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party." In a January letter to CBS Sports, ESPN and Jefferson Pilot, SEC commissioner Mike Slive asked them to stop using the popular slogan during the Oct. 28 game. Apparently, the administrations of both schools are concerned about alcohol abuse.

Brilliant. Simply brilliant. As I'm sure by changing the name, nobody who goes to this game will ever drink again.

Michigan (and Tosu) fans should understand completely the anger this has generated in Gator and Dawg circles. Remember when Michigan AD Bill Martin tried to secretly team up with the Buckeye AD and SBC to rename the UM/OSU match-up the SBC Michigan-Ohio State Classic until fan outrage nixed the deal? We feel your pain, Orson.

If they do re-name the game, where's Gene Rayburn when you need him?

P.S. Folks, ok, we admit it - we were just looking for a cheap excuse to put a picture of Charles Nelson Reilly and Richard Dawson up on the MZone.

P.P.S. Is it just us, or do some of you feel ill just seeing that old Match Game picture since the only time you probably watched it was when you were home sick from school? And don't even think of showing us a photo of Bob Barker.


Benny Friedman said...

I'm sure some people will applaud the UGA president for taking this stand. But is there any doubt he's doing it with an eye on getting corporate sponsorship of the game in the future? It would be too difficult to get approval for the "Bacardi World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party," but I'm sure he'll get regent approval for "Chevy Suburban Georgia-Florida matchup."

AustinHusker said...

Last year, they changed the annual matchup of Texas vs. Oklahoma from the "Red River Shootout" to the "Red River Rivalry." Thank god....Kevlar vests get really itchy.

Anonymous said...

They can change the name to whatever they want to but don't say it is Michael F. Adam$, the most reviled college president of All-Time anywhere, who came up with the idea for it is the SEC Commissioner and not Adam$ because of the deaths of 2 UF students the last 2 years both proven at game time to be alcohol related deaths.

They will never rename our Games here in The Rural South, where Football is King.

By the way Michigan, when are you going to return the favor and come here to play us at The University Georgia at our Stadium, seeing as how you do not have a winning record against us at your house, the last game of which we WON at your house by more than TWICE your score ?

Is that loser LLOYD CARR still your head football coach now that Michigan is NOT RANKED AT ALL IN THE FINAL AP POLL FOR 2005-2006 in football, while UGA has been now for 9 Consecutive years ?

Yous guys have a lot of opinions about football when your team isn't even ranked at all in the latest Final AP Poll.

If SBC bought out the WLOCP, it would still be the WLOCP because down here where 59 percent of all the NFL players come from, Football is a Religion - not like up there in frozen tundra where you act so big and totally ignore you (1) don't have a winning record against The Georgia BuLLdawgs even at your own house and (2) are not even ranked whatsobloodyever in the latest Final AP Poll for all of the season just ended.

Weigh in on that which you do know something about, what do you think ?

Kyle King said...

As a University of Georgia alumnus and S.E.C. football fan, I sincerely apologize for the preceding comment, which even the commenter knew was so asinine that he wisely declined to sign his name.

Please do not judge us based on this lone dufus. Anonymous, if you want S.E.C. fans to win arguments, don't participate in them on our behalf.

With apologies for plugging my own weblog, I would note that intelligent S.E.C. football commentary is available at Dawg Sports. This has been a public service announcement.

Great work, as always, guys.

Benny Friedman said...

That's OK, Kyle. It seems as if Anonymous above is still attending the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

Anonymous said...

Gene Rayburn ROCKED! Match Game -- best game show ever.

Ever gotten high and watched a string of those in a row? Dude, that's some quality entertainment!!

Benny Friedman said...

The best thing about Match Game, other than they changed the title to match the year, was all the sexual innuendo. I didn't understand any of it as a kid, but it was actually pretty risque considering it was on in the middle of the day 30 years ago.