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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Winner and Still Champion...

MZone reader and frequent poster Ron just let us know that he's completed the Michigan page at his Web site. For those that haven't seen it, HeavyweightFootballChamps crowns the college football champion the same way that boxing champions are crowned. And without the shenanigans of Don King and organized crime.

The idea is that there is one current champion of college football - Texas. They remain the champ until someone beats them. Should North Texas somehow knock off the Longhorns in the opener on September 2, then the Mean Green would be the current champs. If, instead, Tosu goes to Austin and gets a win, they'd be the title holders - until someone knocks them off.

The last time Michigan was the title holder was in 2003 when they beat Purdue - yes, Purdue - who got the title by beating Wisconsin, who'd beaten Tosu the week before. The Wolverines held the title until they lost to USC in the Rose Bowl.

I'm sure this idea will meet with a lot of criticism. But to me, it makes at least as much sense as the BCS.

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