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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What? No New USC Scandal?!

In a shocking new development, it appears a full 24 hour period went by yesterday without one new allegation of impropriety regarding the Southern Cal football team. In fact, Coach Pete Carroll said he doesn't believe the Trojans will have to forfeit any games or lose the national championship over the current controversies swirling around his program.

On Monday, Carroll said, "With the little bits I have, no. I'm not concerned about that one bit. I'm confident that's not where this is going. The information that I have thus far, I don't think that's going to happen at all."

Even still, later, a worried Trojan fan stood up and shouted, "What's going on? We have a right to know the truth!"

Carroll responded, "Alright, I'm going to level with you all. The most important thing I ask is that you remain calm. There's no reason to panic. Now it is true that a few of our players are in trouble. Slightly in trouble. But the rest of the program is just fine, ready to pursue another run at a national title."


Anonymous said...

Wow Yoster, you have to make up quotes now?

I could not find that ridiculous quote at the end of your post in that link you provided.

Yost said...

Oh, Anon. Anon, Anon, Anon. Take another look or maybe somebody who comments here will explain it to you.

Anonymous said...

ok I did a search and found that quote from airplane.

Kofi-Cup ANON said...

I would have personally gone with the south park police officer.

trojan mike said...

Yost- I'm so happy to see you haven't been able to dig up a new scandal today. You don't beleive Pete? I'm surprised at you.....

COWolverine said...

Same actor, different movie: you could have found a picture of him from one of the Naked Gun movies where some sort of chase ends up running into a Chinese fireworks shop. He's out in the street with the standard "show's over folks, nothing to see here, nothing to see..." as the whole stockpile of fireworks is firing overhead.

jim masterson said...

usc under carroll, has become as obnoxiously pompous as mimi under johnston, the ncaa & brand will be chasing down the n.dakota states & uof illinois, but will not get involved with bush, snoop dog, the face on the sideline for usc & the oj simpson pep talk. theis whole program is about winning & playing in the nfl. it's a disgrace. check the history of transgressions in the 5 yrs under carroll.

kofi-cup ANON said...

What is your team/players about jim?

I would like to hear this.

shan4usc said...

I enjoy your website, but am getting tired of the SC bashing. How about picking on the Domers again? Courtesy of EDSBS:


yostisabeast said...

USC has become the benchmark for college corruption. If you thought the Bama of the 70's, OU, USM, and Miamis of the 80's and early 90's were bad, you haven't been paying attention to USC.

They are a breeding ground for corruption and crime. Someone needs to dismantle that fiasco before someone gets killed. It's a mockery of college sports.

Anonymous said...


Until schools start knocking the crap out of dirty boosters and such the problems will continue. Looks like SC got caught this time. Some other school is not far behind. Its the nature of the business.

The NCAA needs to address compensating the players. And I don't want to here about a free education. Plenty of schools offer scholarships to students who aren't responsible for bringing in millions of dollars to the university. So that goes right out the window for me.

I don't care about bashing SC, winning breads contempt from those who can't. Just check out the nuts over at Bruins Nation. It's all SC all the time over there, and I thought it was a Bruin Blog. I just ignore it.

I mean come on, you just can't make some of this stuff up. Sanchez charged with a sex crime only hours after attending rape awareness classes.

Talk about Stupid!

Paragon SC

wds4usc said...

Amazing! No one has even been convicted and it's already the "benchmark" for college corruption. Just dying to see the fall of Troy, eh? I don't like what I hear either but I know better than to jump to conclusions.

Kofi-Cup ANON said...

"yostisabeast" only wants to USC go down becuase

1. his program is pathetic and wants to see USC go so his team has a 10% chance of going from "NR" to "25"

2. He is a ND/UCLA/OSU/UM fan who is tired of losing to USC.


I would like to see what his program look like under the level of attention USC gets.

Kofi-Cup ANON said...


Is that refering too the coach that was scared like a little girl of Knute Rockne? or just some lewd reference to oyur favorite blogger.

orangefever said...

usc were all for this website when Yost was going after the lsu fan responsible for onepeat, but the mere mention of their school's critique, and they turn.

orangefever said...

Kofi-cup said:
"1. his program is pathetic and wants to see USC go so his team has a 10% chance of going from "NR" to "25"
2. He is a ND/UCLA/OSU/UM fan who is tired of losing to USC."

kofi-cup.....one of your own the other day asked on a message board why everyone hates USC so much. The resounding reply came from PAC10 fans. Their reason.....arrogance. After your posts, I wonder why...

Kofi-Cup ANON said...

Wrong dude. If mostly came form texas fans who seem to be more interested in USC then their own program. Ask sooners if we stayed on their board for 5 months after the orange bowl.

If you posed the same question on one of your boards (likly wont be that entertaining becuase you guys like to be in a heavily moderated and sheltered enviornment) I am sure some sooners and aggies would say things you would not agree with. Some teams in the Pac-10 might not like our success, but they respect use holding up the pac-10.

orangefever said...

Yeah.......I'm pretty sure they don't respect your arrogance. But hey, I'm sure you knew exactly what they were thinking......even though it's completely contradictory to what they said.

wds4usc said...

There is a difference. The M-Zone has been welcoming and with good humor to USC fans. They were solidly behind us in the billboard and lsuoverusd "problems." While they are being humorous with the current USC difficulties, it is not malevolent like the lsuoverusc site. USC and Michigan have a rich history in securing the future of the Rose Bowl and there really never has been any animosity among their respective fans. Just compare the two sites and you'll see.