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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


As you might have noticed, we haven't had a Blog Co-ed Showdown match-up here in a few weeks. And trust us, it's not that we don't want to, it's just that we haven't found a worthy opponent for our next contestant, University of Wisconsin co-ed Brigid Mullen.

Besides her studies, Mullen is a model, Miss Wisconsin USA first runner-up and plays football in the Women's Professional Football league (gee, why doesn't she just say she loves three-ways so we can drool that much more over our keyboard).

Granted, no matter who we put up against Ms. Mullen, it probably won't be close (unless another ASU cheerleader decides to try her "hand" at the adult film industry). But we want to find someone who a) has college ties and b) is somewhat in the public eye either via the news (like Brigid) or via self-promotion (MySpace, going half-naked to FSU games, etc.). Hopefully we'll have another clash of the co-eds within the next week or so.

Until then, scout Brigid.


Anonymous said...

i have a canidate for you...Ole Miss student...

http://www.myspace.com/sunnipooh see the pics

Casey S said...

Not bad, but Brigid would destroy her in a showdown.

tc said...

Look at it from another perspective....since you're prolly not gonna find another quality opponent for Brigid then why not just pit her against the NCAA tourney's equivalent of the play-in game winner. They always go against the #1 seed and it's always a blowout. I say throw in the UT "tail"gater and see how she fares. You know, since her image is already burned into my fucking retinas and they just recently stopped bleeding. Just a thought.

Wangs said...

Yost -

I think we should just start voting now. Is there any chance that she doesn't win? You can call it a primary election or declare that Russian rules apply on this one. Pretty sure that blogmasters?, blogwizards?, basement-livin'-loser-like-me?, whatever you're called, have that authority.

That way, you have a legitimate excuse to leave her picture up longer!

Theri Maa, Bhanchod! said...

again, the masses have been speaking for quite some time yet the powers that be refuse to hear us...put fabiola and/or chrystal of the FSU Cowgirl/Maxim Spread clan into the brackets...they took their tops off, that's pretty stiff competition...i mean would you want this hot broad who's clothed, or some hot but not as hot as this wisconsin chick who isn't afraid to take it off and in some cases show box? Come on now!

cottoncandy said...

I know you guys think everything from Ohio is like kryptonite, but consider having Ohio Secretary of State and current Gubanatorial candidate Ken Blackwell monitor the voting for Brigid. That way, she's a lock.

Anonymous said...

how bout this one....http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=60524653&MyToken=c3f06df6-2ed3-4cf7-92e9-a335a966dd40

Anonymous said...

It should be as lop sided as MSU vs George Mason...oops bad example

Anonymous said...

You guys are missing the boat if you don't include Lauren Bowden in this. She's the daughter of Clemson coach Tommy Bowden and, of course, the graddaughter of Bobby Bowden. She also was a reporter for either Fox Sports South or CSS for a while, and at some point decided it would be a good idea to remove all her clothes for her camera-toting boyfriend. Wish I had a link to the photo, but I'm sure it isn't too hard to find, and I'm also sure your friends at EDSBS have seen it since they mention it every now and then.

Yost said...

Oh, we have the pic. Just debating whether or not to use it.

Kirbdaddy said...

she plays safety...I'd like to get into her backfield!!!

Anonymous said...

What about the girls from the ten schools found on Playboy's website?

Anonymous said...

What about the KSU fan:


(that's 20051206)


TrojanWire said...


Anonymous said...

as brigid kelly mullen's aunt, i can answer the question of why she is called brigid kelly in the big ten playboy issue. her middle name is kelly. she was named after her mom's brother kelly e. mayo. look him up on google and you will see where brigid gets her intelligence. as her family we are proud of her, but no more payboy!
love, auntie b