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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

To Catch a Buckeye

What is it with pervs and their love of the Buckeyes and Ohio State gear?

Last week, we put up a post about the Tosu fan spanking it to porn at the library. When he was busted by a hidden camera investigation, he was shown wearing his a sweatshirt with "Ohio State" splashed across the front. Well...

If you've watched NBC's Dateline program recently, you're probably familiar with their "To Catch a Predator" series in which reporter Chris Hanson busts alleged pedophiles. During the highly rated segments, adult men come to "meet" - who they think are - underage minors that they've been talking to in online chat rooms. Instead, they've actually been IMing with a watchdog group called Perverted Justice posing as children in order to catch these creeps.

In one of the latest stings, the Dateline crew traveled to Ohio where a number of men were arrested, including the gentleman above sporting his Ohio State hat and shirt. And he wasn't the only "gentleman caller" apprehended and splashed across national TV wearing his Buckeye Best. Unfortunately, he was the only one we here at the MZone could get a screen image of.

Even scarier, is it just us or do all these Tosu "fans" look a bit alike? Here again is the picture of the guy above next to the picture of the Buckeye who was pulling his goalie at the library...

Rule of thumb, folks: Mustache + Ohio State Garb = Perv.

Major props to reader MK for the tip.


Anonymous said...

The scary thing is since these Buckeyes use a computer it means they're the smart ones.

Yost said...

Scary, indeed, Anon.

Brickeye said...

I'm not surprised in the very least. You wanna know a very scary thing. I own the same hat as the perv....I think im gonna burn that hat.

Yost said...


Keep the hat but for the love of God, shave the mustache if you have one.

brickeye said...

Ha..nope no mustache.

Anonymous said...

To Catch a Predator
Dateline hidden camera investigations on 'Net predators

Outside NYC-area 2004 18 men in 2 1/2 days
Washington D.C. suburb 2005 19 men in 3 days
Southern California 2006 50 men in 3 days
Greenville, Ohio *Part 1 and Part 2 2006 18 men in 3 days
Ft. Myers, Florida *Part 1 and Part 2 2006 24 men in 3 days

Just want to say that Southern California had a lot more than Ohio and when asked why they didn't go to Michigan, Dateline said it was because the Jails were too overcrowded as it was and that they didn't have the manpower to handle the enormous amount of Pervs in the state shaped like a hand.

cottoncandy said...

I just shaved off the cookie duster. I can still spank though, right?

The King said...

This is great and all, but since this is ostensibly a Michigan sports blog, maybe there should be mention of our baseball team winning the Big Ten regular season AND tournament titles. Here's a program that hit the skids in the 90's, and now has clawed its way back into recognition in a very non-baseball friendly part of the country. Rich Maloney should be commended. In fact, him and Hutch should just take over the football and basketball teams. It would be nice to replace coaches who lose despite overwhelmingly positive circumstances with two coaches who win with pretty much no precedent...

ferenc said...

Gee Anon, how many people does Southern Cali have? Greenville is in the ass end of Ohio, oui? So the ratio is actually quite astounding. Btw, how many Souther Cali pervs were wearing San Diego State gear.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

It hasn't been dubbed "molester mustache" for nothing.

Yost said...

5:27am Anon,

That's it? That's the best you got?

Sorry, try again. And go shave your 'stache.

Anonymous said...

Yost, the stache stays. Only because it goes with my mullet and sideburns. Greenville is the ass end of Ohio and there are some hilljack motherfuckers there. Just want to point out that michigan has the UP. Let Dateline go there and see. I don't care where they go there are some sick fucks out there and I feel fucking sick to my stomach thinking about those dysfunctional fucks. Oh and I was only being sarcastic earlier. I will add the [\Sarcasm] brackets next time.

Yost said...

Only problem with going to the UP is I doubt you'll find many folks with Internet hook-ups up that way. VCRs just arrived last summer.

Anonymous said...

it's too bad those registered sex offender sites don't list alma maters, me thinks Nebraska would rank close to Ohio St in numbers of perv alum.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, I'm either gonna have to shave or start perverting.

Anonymous said...

You can't blaim a guy for trying. At least he's not into little boys. We still kick your ass in football.

Anonymous said...

In 2005, Michigan’s 50.6 reported Forced Rapes per 100,000 people, ranked the state 4th highest, Michigans 57.08 incidents of criminal sexual conduct ranks the state 2nd highest (second only to California). Also in the year 2005 Michigan had 7.4 murders per 100,000 people, ranking the state as having the 6th highest rate for Murder.

Hmmm...seems like the colder weather makes for a pretty damned perverted group of citizens up there.

And we own your asses in football!

Jeremy said...

I hope you saw the Feb. 20 episode of "To Catch a Predator." There was a very distinguished young man who was attempting to slip the bone to a 13-year-old boy.

He wore his favorite Michigan Wolverines hat. Typical.

Go State!

-Just another Nittany Lion

Anonymous said...

I am glad that I'm an OSU fan that shaves my facial hair daily. O_o